PUB Crawl for March 14, 2016

Phil Penn GwynnToo busy to read the entire Power of Us Hub last week because you were choosing your NCAA basketball tournament brackets by coolest mascot? Tired because you stayed up too late partying with POTUS and the Canadian PM over state dinners? I understand your pain. Saddle up to the PUB Crawl, I’ve got your Monday morning pick-me-up.

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Great Posts

  1. Video: Nonprofit Starter Pack Release Notes Rundown – Release 3.66 – 3/10/2016
    Tim Forbes (Soapbox Engage)

    Shocking video of Salesforce Views getting struck by Lightning. In-kind gifts…kindly added to the NPSP. Obama poised to tap a Salesforce MVP for SCOTUS! This 60 second video could change your life…maybe.

  2. What are some great fundraising/donor reports and charts you’ve created?
    Simon Abramson (Wild Earth)

    If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a chart is worth, what, 10,000 words? Discover the reports you’re missing in your Salesforce account.

  3. Process for vendor management?
    Marissa Mastors (EcoDistricts)

    There’s nothing worse than having too much butter but not enough bread at your event, right? Here’s tips for managing vendors for your next event with Salesforce.

  4. What kinds of questions/issues do you run into around security, secure data, user authentication, etc?
    Heidi Connal (

    Frustrated that Salesforce doesn’t allow your password to be “password”? More importantly, do you want your technology to help you become a more secure digital citizen? Share your security pain points, and likes, with the team!

  5. How to push out a patch for a managed package
    Nineta Martinov (Daizy Logik)

    Think that a “patch” is just something you add to your Salesforce badge sash for Dreamforce (you have one, right)? I know you never make development mistakes, or need updates to your software, but just in case, here’s an awesome tutorial on package patches.

  6. Record Migration (Best Practices)
    Paco Pena De Stanley (University of the Pacific)

    Don’t want to go back to college to figure out how to do handle imports the new HEDA data migration? Consider this your fast track to a data import diploma for my higher education friends.

  7. How to handle more than 2 addresses for a contact (with NPSP)?
    Eric Sowers (General Synod Reformed Church in America)

    How can you follow the seasonal migratory patterns of your snowbird donors if they land in more than one spot? Learn strategies for tracking multiple Contact addresses.

Great Events

  1. HUB Office Hours on Fri, March 18 at 12pm ET
    Caroline Renard (Technology Interpreter for Arts Groups)

    So Sara Chieco (Presence Product Group), Nick Lindberg (Redpath Consulting), and Aiden Martin (Cloud for Good) walk into a HUB Office Hour. What happens next, well, is up to you. Have your questions answered with these PUB geniuses this Friday.

  2. HUB Office Hours en Español miércoles, marzo 16 a 11am MEX
    Caroline Renard (Technology Interpreter for Arts Groups)

    ¿Necesito Salesforce ayuda en español? ¡HUB Office Hours está aquí! 1° y 3° miércoles de cada mes a las 14:00 ARG / 12:00 PM EST, desde marzo. Editor’s note: I have no idea what I just wrote.

That’s all for this week! Did I miss something? Have any tips or suggestions? Send all tip jar suggestions to me at

Keep soaking up the goodness!

Your barkeeper,

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