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Calendar goes MooTools

I don’t know about you, but I got MooTools fever. I love it. It has turned me on to Javascript. To make matters worse, there are some great 3rd party developers making some really cool stuff. Like Calendar. It is a “Javascript class that adds accessible and unobtrusive date-pickers to your form elements”. All done in MooTools. Wow, now that is incredible! Could we possibly see it override or take the place of the current Joomla 1.5 JS Calendar?


Handling Multiple GMail Accounts

Last week I made the leap to Google Apps and I’m loving every minute of it. Having all my email in GMail is saving me so much time. Problem I ran into was monitoring over 6 emails through GMail. You could sign-in to each email and check, but who wants to do that. Or you could have multiple tabs open, but thats gets so cluttered. Solution? GMail Manager. Its a Firefox Add-on just like GMail Notifier but allows for multiple GMail accounts. Definitely in my top 5 Firefox Add-ons.


Get more out of Mootools Accordion

So now that Joomla! has decided to go Mootools, we have done some really cool stuff with it. Unfortunately I can’t give you any links because of NDA legal reqs, but one of the cool things I have done was extended the Mootools Accordion to allow for Show All/Collapse All. To my surprise it was very easy to do in Mootools. Creates a really nice effect.


Joomla 1.5 and MVC Extension Tutorial

Gotta love the community. A group of developers are putting their heads together to create an excellent tutorial on the new Joomla 1.5 MVC (model, view, controller) structure and how to build a component using MVC and the new Joomla libraries. This is a great resource for all you developers out there. Hope to see some good components come out in the future because of this.


Must be doing something right.

Joomla must be doing something right if Google is impressed. Wilco posted a little blurb about Google going to Joomla!Days. He quotes the Google rep on how impressed he was of how Joomla was run and then invited them to speak at the Googleplex on December 21. If you didn’t believe Joomla was the best CMS before, I don’t know how you can’t believe it now.


Joomla Javascript in the Frontend

This is for all your Joomla Developers out there. When trying to add Joomla javascript to the frontend like the pop calendar, it only works for the registered users. This is because the code currently only loads joomla.javascript.js for registered users and when joomlaJavascript has been set in the mainframe object. So what do you do then? Add this one liner to your code:

$mainframe->set(‘joomlaJavascript’, 1);

Thats it, now you have the javascript pop calendar in the frontend. Little update on the current calendar installed with Joomla. It is one created by Joomla currently uses 0.9.2 and with the next release they should be upgrading to 0.9.4 which allows for adding of time allow with the date.


Getting closer to the Joomla 1.0.12?

JUMI know alot of you have been asking when is Joomla 1.0.12 coming out or when is 1.5 coming out. Well, Johan gives us an update. I would also like to add that they have just released the Joomla 1.0.11 User Manual. Alot of great information here and is a great illustration of the good work the documentation workgroup is doing. Download the pdf here.


Top Ten Stupidest Joomla! Administrator Tricks

So I know a lot of you think that Joomla! is incredible because it does everything, but as the saying goes “Computers are only as smart as the users using them”. Joomla does a lot of great things out of the box, but bad administrating can make any Joomla install unsafe.

Brad found this forum posting about the “sad, but true” things that some administrators do. For those of you who do these, I hope this opens your eyes and you learn from them, but for most of you, I know you’re doing the right thing.


Joomla! Ensures Website Security with Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

AcunetixThe Joomla core developers use a combination of manual auditing and automated auditing. They use Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner for the automated auditing which has been donated to the Joomla Project. Acunetix WVS scans the site for SQL injection, cross-site scripting and other vulnerabilities, thereby averting possible hacker attacks.

This tool has been run against the 1.0.x trunk (in preparation for 1.0.12) 3 times in the last two months which gives the Joomla Team valuable reports that allows them to hardens the code. This is a great tool to be using, because we all know about human error.


Joomla! is the trendy thing to do

I was recently checking out the cool Google Trends. I did a simple search to see the difference in the usage of the 4 major players in the CMS world (Joomla!, Mambo, Plone, and Drupal). If you look at the trend graph here you can see the split between Mambo and Joomla!. Drupal and Plone are nowhere close.

Google Trends for Joomla

Now this doesn’t say that Joomla! is better than any of the others, its just showing that more people search Google for Joomla!. It’s the popular one. But the trend with open source projects is that the more people like the project, the better it is.