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Whose brand are you building with your nonprofit’s online petition?

I just signed a petition for a cause I believe in, sponsored by an organization I care about. The petition happened to use a well-known online petitions platform.

The logo on the top of that site was for the platform.

The thank you email that landed in my inbox after I signed the petition was from the platform’s email address.

That platform’s logo was at the top of the thank you email. Its name was in the footer.

The thank you email was even signed by the platform’s team.

When all was said and done, it was hard to remember whose petition I had signed. Read more »


9 reasons your nonprofit should use online petitions – even if you’re not an advocacy organization

To effectively raise money and build an engaged group of supporters, your organization needs more than just a donate page on its website. You need strategies and tools that move people from casual visitor to recurring donor and dedicated supporter – all while minimizing overhead.

Online petitions are an effective tool to capture the casual visitor and active donor alike, and move them down the engagement path – even if yours isn’t an advocacy organization.


Here are nine reasons why: Read more »


10 questions your nonprofit should ask when choosing an online petition service

Online petitions can be an effective way for your nonprofit to build support around an issue while expanding your mailing list – even if your not primarily an advocacy organization.

Done right, and with the right service, petitions can be an outstanding addition to a complete engagement path that cultivates more donations and supporters for your nonprofit.

But how do you know if the service you are considering is the right service? Here are ten questions every nonprofit should ask when considering an online petition tool. Read more »