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Three open source CMSes walk into a bar…

Joomla, Drupal, and PloneI remember one of the first conversations I had with Laura Quinn of Idealware a few years ago regarding her great idea for an online resource and clearinghouse of high-level technology information, and told her that I thought it would be a hit. Little did I know that I’d get the chance to play a recurring role of supporting actor in the open source content management systems (CMS) webinars, which seem to be quite popular.

On Thursday, June 21, from 1-2:30pm ET, I’ll be showcasing Joomla alongside my fellow open source CMS friends David Geilhufe (of the Drupal community) and Patrick Shaw (of the Plone community). All of our past Webinars have been very well attended, and actually helped some organizations choose Joomla! in the past.

This time, Laura’s asked us to focus a little more on the differences that users can find out of the box between these three systems, so I’ll likely be focusing on Joomla’s administrative UI, large community, and some other thoughts I have up my sleeve. Interested in attending? Register here, and learn more here.


Joomla! is the trendy thing to do

I was recently checking out the cool Google Trends. I did a simple search to see the difference in the usage of the 4 major players in the CMS world (Joomla!, Mambo, Plone, and Drupal). If you look at the trend graph here you can see the split between Mambo and Joomla!. Drupal and Plone are nowhere close.

Google Trends for Joomla

Now this doesn’t say that Joomla! is better than any of the others, its just showing that more people search Google for Joomla!. It’s the popular one. But the trend with open source projects is that the more people like the project, the better it is.


A Good Comparison of Open Source CMSes for Non-Profits

IdealwareWhen Laura Quinn from Idealware approached me a while ago about an idea for a review of the top open source CMSes for non-profits, I thought to myself, “she’s really going to get herself into a mess.” Instead, Laura’s done a very admiral job of keeping Joomla, Drupal, and Plone in their corners, without too much blood on the mat.

Laura collaborated with Brett Bonfield to create Comparing Open Source CMSes: Joomla, Drupal, and Plone which was released this morning. This is a great read, an even keel and unbiased reporting of their views on the big three. I think we in Joomla can learn a lot from this report, and look forward to your comments and further review.

I think they hit the Joomla difference on the head when they wrote:

Joomla strives for power in simplicity. Its programmers believe that anyone with a bit of technical know-how should have no problem setting up and maintaining a website. They have created a tool that is friendly, comparatively easy to get started with, and prioritizes ease of use.