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Our Clients Rock: Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council – Valentine’s Day edition

At PICnet, we love what we do. Deeply. And the prime numero uno reason for this is that we work with great clients who are rocking the world for social good.

Here is the first in an occasional series of personal little love notes from a PICnetter to one of our clients. Consider this inaugural post a celebration of Valentine’s Day on our blog with our own Julie Dennis sending this the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council’s way.

Who is the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council?

GPAC logoGreater Pittsburgh Arts Council, or GPAC, is a membership-based organization that represents more than 2,500 individuals in the Pittsburgh area.  Using a three-pronged approach of obtaining political, financial, and professional support, they provide a space for artists to post jobs, attend classes, seek legal and business advice, and network.

Why Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council rocks

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Why I registered for my 10th NTC in a row

2004 Non-Profit Technology Conference guideBack in 2004, PICnet was just a few years old, Soapbox wasn’t even an idea yet, and I found myself in Philadelphia with a bunch of non-profit tech geeks.  It was my first Non-Profit Technology Conference (NTC), organized by our good friends at N-TEN. and I remembered thinking to myself, “wow, there’s really a lot of other crazy folks interested in non-profit tech.”

Little did I know that 10 years later, I’d be registering for the same event.

It’s been an incredible string of events during the past 10 years.  The N-TEN community has changed, dramatically, since the early Circuit Rider days, and so has the NTC.  I swear that it seems there are more folks hosting booths at the Science Fair these days then there were total attendees back in the early days!

So this afternoon, when I started working on my annual registration for the NTC 2013 (early bird, of course), I reflected for a moment.  As the N-TEN community has evolved and grown, do I still fit into the new generation of N-TEN folks?  Were my interests back in 2004 the same as they are today, and if so, are they being reflected in the type of event that the NTC has become?  Did I really manually blow up, by hand, 96 penguins with my PICnet buddy Pradeep back at the NTC 2006 in Seattle?

In short:  is the NTC right for a guy like me in 2013?

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The 2013 non-profit conference calendar cheat sheet

2013 calendarThe good folks over at Socialbrite have put together an awesome list of non-profit-related events for 2013 that will sure fill your brain with ideas and keep you in the good graces with your frequent flier program.  Of course, if you go to all of these events, not only will you be breaking the laws of physics, but you might never be able to deploy your new skills back at your organization.

So, to help you short-list what you shouldn’t miss in 2013, here’s a little cheatsheet we’ve compiled about the events we make sure to attend each year.

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5 easy ways for non-profits to prepare for Dreamforce 2012

If this year will be your first time at Salesforce’s Dreamforce, don’t worry, you’re likely to have a lot of non-profit friends in the same boat. With more than 70,000 attendees expected this year, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sea of humanity crashing downtown San Francisco for the cloud party of the year.

Here’s a simple checklist of some of my top ways to make the most out of your Dreamforce experience (and yes, it’s not a conference, it’s an “experience”).

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And the #1 Reason to Attend the Soapbox User Summit Is…

The Soapbox User Summit is dangerously close, but it’s not too late to throw your hat in the ring. At long last, we’ve come to the end of our countdown for the top 7 reasons why you can’t afford to miss this whopper of an event. This is without question the most critical and compelling argument we could muster …

Reason #1: Everyone goes home with their own penguin

You’ll walk away from SUS12 with a new best friend and accidental techie, Phil Penn Gwynn, who can be that inflatable birdie on your shoulder as you tackle the latest and greatest updates to your website. What more could you ask for?

We can’t wait to welcome you on April 19th!

If you haven’t already, register now (while supplies last hehe).


Reason #2 for crashing the Soapbox User Summit party

One week until the entire PICnet team descends upon DC for the Soapbox User Summit! Why should you join in?

Reason #2: Offer your ideas for improving Soapbox

One of the biggest benefits of working with PICnet is that you are teamed up with folks pushing the envelope of non-profit technology and developing cutting-edge tools to keep your mission on track. We’re always glad to hear from you on how we can improve Soapbox so you can better meet your mission. Soapbox User Summit attendees will get a chance to chime in with their suggestions while picking the brains of the engineers and designers behind the product. Talk about tapping the source!

Don’t miss the Soapbox User Summit on April 19th, register today!..

Stay tuned for the #1 reason why SUS12 should be on your calendar.


Reason #3 to Attend the Soapbox User Summit

Only two weeks until the Non-Profit Soapbox event of the year!  Why should you attend?

Reason #3: You’ll get to meet Brad, our Support Developer Guru

To know Brad is to love him.  You’ve had the pleasure of engaging with the charming Brad Grochowski via email.  Some of you might even be lucky enough to chat with him on the phone.  Put a face to the name and meet the man behind PICnet’s smiling support desk.

Brad will be around to let you know how to get the most out of PICnet’s support service, which is really the cornerstone of the Non-Profit Soapbox model.

You’ll also get to meet the rest of the PICnet team, so register today!

Stay tuned for the next 2 reasons why you shouldn’t miss SUS12.


Dreaming of Dreamforce

While Tony and I held down the DC PICnet “fort,” four PICnetters attended the Salesforce conference, known as Dreamforce. This three and a half day conference offered Tim, Ryan, Lauren, and Mel the chance to learn more about Salesforce (the leading CRM solution for non-profits), while also sponsoring a booth and networking with other conference attendees. Furthermore, Melanie passed the Salesforce Administrator Certification test which means PICnet can now be officially identified as a Salesforce Foundation partner! Congratulations, Mel!

The way the conference worked was this: each participant chose a different track that best fit his or her interests (sales professional, developer, non-profit) and attended sessions based on those interests.  But the best part of the conference had to be the social gatherings which included performances by Metallica and tunes spun by Will.I.Am.  I can’t wait until everyone is back in the office on Tuesday of next week to hear more. Until then, I can only dream of how awesome Dreamforce was!


The doctors are in at NTC 2011

Sometimes you see challenges and new opportunities in life and you think to yourself, “I really need to find a daytime television show with doctors that will help solve all my anxieties and generally make me a better person”.  Well, that’s not exactly what we’ll be providing at the Non-Profit Technology Conference on Saturday…but it’s close!

Dr. Tim Forbes* and Dr. Ryan Oz…imek* will be sharing our knowledge from years of practice in website medicine at the “What to expect when expecting…a website” session (must be logged in to the NTC site to see this) at this year’s NTC in Washington DC.  This will be one of 15 rare Online NTC livestream video sessions as well, so we’ll make sure to be fully engaged for the online community as well.  Someone call makeup!

Here’s our official blurb on the session from the NTC website.

Session Overview

Congratulations, your web redesign/redevelopment budget was approved by your board of directors, and you’ve fallen in love with your new web consultant.  Now what?  This session will walk you through the typical phases of a web development project, providing you a roadmap to help prepare you for the process, the potential pitfalls, and areas to look to for success.  Additionally, this session will provide you with the warning signs of a budget-busting trajectory and prepare you to avoid time-crunch finishes.

Session Takeaways

1) Understand the 6 key phases of any web development project 2) Warning signs of a project that’s on a budget-busting trajectory 3) Ways to keep your organization, and your consultant, on-time

So, the doctors are in!  Add this session to your agenda (must be logged into the NTC site), and we’ll see you there!

* The FDA has not approved this language. Neither Tim nor Ryan are real doctors, but they’ll play them in this session.


Chronicles from Dreamforce 2010

I’ve been to more than a few conferences this year. Most conferences I attend are squarely focused on either the Joomla! or non-profit technology communities.  That tends to be my comfort zone.  So when I decided to join Melanie and Tim to do some crosstraining and Joomla! evangelism at Dreamforce 2010 conference, I had no idea what to expect.

The result:  after four days at Dreamforce I was completely exhausted, my mind was swirling with possibilities, and I’d shaken more hands than a politician walking a rope line.  Thank goodness for the “cloud” beanbag areas in San Francisco’s Moscone West.

PICnetters and SaaSy at Dreamforce 2010

PICnetters and SaaSy at Dreamforce 2010

There were more than a few times I asked myself, “is this a rock concert, or am I at a technology conference?”  DJs were spinning in the lobbies of all the conference halls (Dreamforce took over all three of the Moscone conference halls in San Francisco), SaaSy and Chatty (Saleforce’s mascots) roamed the halls with big smiles, and the rain didn’t keep anyone from staying to see Stevie Wonder, and, and President Bill Clinton make appearances.

But seriously, it wasn’t a rock conference.

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