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4 tips for energizing your volunteers through email

Large nonprofits often have passionate volunteers who are eager to help out. There are a lot of different ways to engage and inspire those volunteers. With more young volunteers looking to their mobile devices for information, it may seem like social media is the key to success. However, good old email can be enough to get people going, assuming you follow some best practices. Nonprofit CRM software can help make this happen through automating many important processes.

The right email messaging will keep your volunteers engaged.The right email messaging will keep your volunteers engaged.

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PICnet’s 5 best articles of 2014

Before we truly put an end to 2014, let's remember the best moments.

While some people like to think that looking back on 2014 is strictly limited to December, we at PICnet believe that a year-in-review should happen in January. After all, December is part of the year, so it's rather silly to consider the year finished before the ball actually drops. In any event, 2014 was a big year for us and we saw a lot of things happen in the nonprofit sector, from payments to petitions. Here are some of our best articles from the last year. We think you may find them enlightening and fun.

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4 ways to improve your email deliverability

When you're sending out an email to your constituents, the idea is that they'll actually see it and open it. But the viewing part can be an assumption. There is a distinct possibility that your messages won't land in the inbox, but the spam folder. In some cases, they may even be blocked. As a nonprofit organization, your online presence and reputation depends on making sure your email gets to people consistently and effectively. As a result, you have to develop a strong strategy for ensuring overall deliverability on any message, whether it's a call to action or just a general newsletter. Here are a few ways of doing this, some of which can be easily managed with nonprofit CRM software.

High email deliverability ensures people get the message.

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Turning your holiday donors into year round donors

It's great that you've been receiving a lot of donation for this holiday season. However, you know that after the holiday season is over, it's back to the usual business of focusing on the mission. The thing is, you get a lot of your money from the holidays. In fact, according to the Network For Good, one-third of all online donations are made in December. The only other time you'll be able to raise as much money is either through consistently scheduled annual or semi-annual fundraising, as well as if a timely event makes your cause a more urgent priority, like after a natural disaster.

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Soapbox Mailer radically expands mass email merge fields for more powerful Salesforce integration

With its latest release this weekend, Soapbox Mailer takes mass email integration with to a whole new level, allowing you to merge data from any standard or custom field on any of the following objects: Read more »


Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce now 30% faster sending mass emails

Soapbox Mailer, our Salesforce-native mass email app built for your budget, just got much faster in delivering messages.

Soapbox Mailer 30% faster

Thanks to features included in the Salesforce Summer ’13 release, we’ve optimized Soapbox Mailer to produce benchmark testing showing 30% faster email delivery. Read more »


Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce: video tour and free trial on Salesforce AppExchange

Grab some popcorn, nestle into a comfortable seat and get ready to take just under five minutes to tour the world’s only affordable mass email solution for – email marketing directly from for 10¢ per 1,000 emails and a monthly subscription built for your budget.

Listen to Ryan Ozimek’s dulcet tones as we walks you through the high points. And, man, are there high points! Salesforce-native app. Easy social sharing on the Twitters and Facebook. Real-time Campaign metrics. Granular Campaign Member tracking on opens, clicks, and social sharing. Boo-tay kicking bounce handling. And much, much more!

Dig it? Learn more about the features.

Want it? Start with a free trial by installing Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce off the AppExchange.

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Soapbox Mailer now bouncing with Amazon’s new notification service

A few days ago, Jeff Barr in the Amazon Web Services team made an announcement that made us giddy: Simple Email Services (SES) now has a built-in bounce notification service. This seemingly boring announcement gives our Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce service terrific new powers, enabling us to provide you the first and only native email marketing app that utilizes SES and this great bounce management functionality.

Soapbox Mailer bounce handling example

Soapbox Mailer bounce handling example

With a little architecture brainstorming provided by Rohan Deshpande on the Amazon SES team, and with the flexibility of the platform, we were quickly able to implement real-time notifications directly into Soapbox Mailer. This new feature provides our organizations the ability to get critical data to better understand their lists’ effectiveness, and enables them to clean and purge their lists as needed.

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Announcing Soapbox Mailer discount for B Corporations

B Corporation logo

If you’re a socially responsible business doing good for the world, you should be able to spread your message without it costing you an arm and a leg.  I mean, aren’t there already enough barriers to entry for companies trying to do business the right way in today’s “cut costs at any means” world?

We’re pleased to announce a 50% discount off our standard monthly fee for Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce to all B Corporations.  With Soapbox Mailer, organizations can send mass emails directly from within Salesforce, complete with campaign analytics, integrations with Facebook and Twitter, reporting, and a ton of other features.

Starting today, companies no longer need to pay ridiculously high rates to send professional mass emails to customers and prospects.  For many B Corporations using Salesforce, this could easily mean a 90% savings in their mass email costs versus other services.  And with a transaction rate of only $0.10 per 1,000 emails sent, you won’t need to worry about cutting down your list just to stay within a budget.

To learn more about Soapbox Mailer, just hop over to our Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce Web page.


Soapbox Mailer trailblazing has begun

Blazing new trailsJust a few minutes ago, a small group of non-profit pioneers received the call from the head of the wagon train to blaze the trail towards the first release of our new Soapbox Mailer product.

During the next few weeks, these pioneers will work closely with our team to continue knocking out bugs and polishing final features for the premiere release of our email marketing service for organizations using Salesforce.

Interested in learning how your organization can save more than 90% in email marketing costs (sorry Vertical Response), and pay as little as $0.10 per 1,000 emails you send?  Want to sign up to be part of the next batch of Soapbox Mailer pioneers?  Just mosey over to our Soapbox Engage website to learn more about what we’ve got cooking on the skillet.