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Introducing Soapbox Shortcodes for WYSIWYG-friendly code

Be forewarned, this article has to do with an often intimidating topic, but don’t run away screaming just yet, my accidental techie friends. Yes, we’re going to talk about C-O-D-E, as in the string of seemingly incomprehensible letters and numbers that make your website what it is, but *spoiler alert* we’re showing you a way around it.

So here’s the problem:  sometimes the code that you need to do magical things with your website is way too cumbersome to use often or doesn’t play well with your content editor.  Think: WYSIWYGUIAGYC (what you see is what you get unless I arbitrarily gobble your code).

In those circumstances, it would be great to have a shortcut for that windy path, which is why we’ve introduced Soapbox Shortcodes to our Non-Profit Soapbox platform.  Soapbox Shortcodes is a WYSIWYG-safe macro syntax that allows you to easily add complex HTML with a simple shortcut, or shortcode, saving you time and frustration and opening up doors to even cooler features for your site. Read more »


Wanted: Web Project Manager with Putt-Putt Skills

Help WantedPICnet is looking for an entry level Project Manager to help lead the development of Web projects for its non-profit, association, and congressional clients.

We’re looking for individuals with experience in the Web development process and the non-profit community, who are eager to provide high-quality service to our proud client base.

At PICnet, we provide a unique environment for non-profits to build their online presence. Our high-touch, high-quality service is what separates us from the crowd, and keeps our client list expanding.

The individual who takes this position will have strong knowledge of the Web development process and crystal clear communication skills. Juggling multiple projects at the same time is the name of the game, and working with developers located in various locations is the challenge.

Although the position does not require a Web programming background, basic understanding of the Joomla CMS, PHP or MySQL is definitely helpful.

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Celebrate Halloween and Christmas?

Little posting on webmonkey of why us geeks celebrate Halloween and Christmas both on Oct 31 and Dec 25. Its a joke, play on words (or numbers in this case). But I am going to warn you, it’s a bit of reading and a bit of math. So get your thinking caps on. Read it here.


Should I use tables or divs

DivsI’ve been converting designs to Joomla templates for a lot of clients lately, and one question I’ve gotten from designers is whether to use tables or divs? We all know about the standards push for a pure CSS layout in our sites but currently there is no avoiding the dreaded tables in Joomla. Sure you can switch the output layout for modules but most components just don’t offer that option. So, what’s a designer to do?

Like most of the Joomla community we like to leave that up to the designer. After all, like some stop signs, that standard is just a recommendation, right? (PICnet does not advocate running stop signs) CSS layout is a great idea but there are some myths right now concerning accessibility and search engine optimization. It is still possible with tables to be 508 compliant and Google will not ignore the web site.

So for now, until the Joomla core is upgraded, don’t lose sleep over tables in your template. They’re going to show up in your output anyway.


Optgroup – A Lost Element

So the other day I was looking at a site and it had groupings in a drop down. I had never seen that except for this particular site. My curious nature got the best of me and I checked out the source. It used “optgroup”. I had seen them before because they are autotext by Dreamweaver but never knew what they were used for. They were actually exactly what I wanted for a client that I’m working with right now. There is a nice little explanation on it at Unfortunately, you can’t remove the italics from the title due to the fact that it the browser that is doing it, even FireFox.