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Calendar goes MooTools

I don’t know about you, but I got MooTools fever. I love it. It has turned me on to Javascript. To make matters worse, there are some great 3rd party developers making some really cool stuff. Like Calendar. It is a “Javascript class that adds accessible and unobtrusive date-pickers to your form elements”. All done in MooTools. Wow, now that is incredible! Could we possibly see it override or take the place of the current Joomla 1.5 JS Calendar?


Get more out of Mootools Accordion

So now that Joomla! has decided to go Mootools, we have done some really cool stuff with it. Unfortunately I can’t give you any links because of NDA legal reqs, but one of the cool things I have done was extended the Mootools Accordion to allow for Show All/Collapse All. To my surprise it was very easy to do in Mootools. Creates a really nice effect.