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Soapbox Mailer trailblazing has begun

Blazing new trailsJust a few minutes ago, a small group of non-profit pioneers received the call from the head of the wagon train to blaze the trail towards the first release of our new Soapbox Mailer product.

During the next few weeks, these pioneers will work closely with our team to continue knocking out bugs and polishing final features for the premiere release of our email marketing service for organizations using Salesforce.

Interested in learning how your organization can save more than 90% in email marketing costs (sorry Vertical Response), and pay as little as $0.10 per 1,000 emails you send?  Want to sign up to be part of the next batch of Soapbox Mailer pioneers?  Just mosey over to our Soapbox Engage website to learn more about what we’ve got cooking on the skillet.



Basecamp and Joomla integration anyone?

Basecamp LogoWe PICnetters use Basecamp for project management and when we learned they had released an API and saw the interesting things people were doing with it, we thought, “hey let’s integrate”. Not because it’s cool (though the closer we get to Web 2.0 tools, the cooler we all seem here around the office), but because we saw a need, at least internally, for some extended functionality: easy time tracking and reporting.

Basecamp allows time tracking and it is very nice when checking off a task to record how many hours you spent getting it done. But sometimes we get so engrossed in our work we forget when we started. So, we built a sort of stop-watch application which allows us to punch-in, punch-out, write up a description then send it off to Basecamp.

Another pet peeve of ours is when we run over the number of hours we’ve dedicated to a project, and with several people contributing time to a project that can happen easily if the time isn’t closely monitored. So next up on the integration effort is to develop a warning system which will alert project managers when we’re nearing that limit.

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J!DIA – Joomla and Democracy in Action together in harmony

J!DIAOne of our most interesting projects in the PICnet Labs is J!DIA, which brings together Joomla with the Democracy in Action database in ways in which we’ve never been able to achieve before.

Imagine the following situations that could make your members and supporters lives easier when interacting with your organization through your Joomla-based Web site:

  • allowing users to login and edit their DIA profile directly within Joomla
  • enabling members to be able to search a member’s only directory stored in the DIA database, all within Joomla and without any wrappers
  • adding new supporters in DIA database using Joomla, without needing to do so through the DIA headquarters
  • allowing users to login to Joomla and view all their past donations and events attended that are stored in DIA

One of our fearless Joomla developers, Chris Garvis, is very close to putting together what we call J!DIA. This component will provide never before seen access to the Democracy in Action system directly through an organization’s Web site. Before J!DIA was developed, most of the display of data in DIA, for most organizations, would need to be presented in the DIA headquarters via wrappers.

We’ve changed this paradigm for Joomla users, enabling the Joomla CMS and your Web site’s stylesheets control the output, look, and feel of the DIA data in a format you completely control.

We’re eager to get this out to the community as soon as possible, and once we have a proof of concept, we’ll let you know. But right now, know this: we’re about to make life much easier for Joomla administrators that are also using DIA.

And Non-Profit Soapbox users, you’ll be happy to know this will be included in all our Non-Profit Soapbox sites in the near future.

More details coming soon.