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Blog series – Simple ideas for online nonprofit membership management using Salesforce: Dues payment history

If you’re a member organization looking to offer tasty content for a members-only area, we offered a tantalizing idea on Friday for providing logged in users access to private contact information of other members in Salesforce. A valuable service to your members with no additional website management for you.

Today is the same song different verse, this one to the tune of the cash register.

If you collect dues and track them in Salesforce, you’ve got a pile of valuable data about the times your members have rung the cash register.

Cash Keys

Add value to your members-only area by providing logged in users a list of their past payments. Include amounts and dates. Let them know when their membership expires. All through integrating your website with your Salesforce instance. Read more »


Blog series – Simple ideas for online nonprofit membership management using Salesforce: Members-only contact info

Tell us if this sounds familiar: you’re a membership organization that wants to have a members-only section – but you have no idea what to put in your members-only section that will encourage members to login and login often?

You’re not alone. It’s a common dilemma member organizations face. Since content is king on the interwebs, you don’t want to unnecessarily restrict great content to only logged in members when if really should be public. You also likely don’t have time to create regular and robust content exclusively for a members-only section.

So, how do you share enticing, mouth-watering members-only content they’ll want to login to dig into without doubling your web management task?

Dessert 07/19/2007

For websites integrating with Salesforce, there will be a few great ideas to consider. None will require additional staff time to manage content beyond what you already do. Each will encourage folks to login. Read more »


Blog series – Simple ideas for successful online nonprofit membership management using Salesforce: Using last visit date

I recently logged into my account with a major financial services company for the first time in awhile. The next day, I received an email from the company saying “Hey! Thanks for stopping by our site yesterday! S’up?”

That wasn’t verbatim, mind you. But it was close. And it prompts the first in our blog series of simple ideas for successful online nonprofit membership management using Salesforce.

Are you rolling out the online welcome mat for your members? How can you tell and how can you improve so that welcome mat is more welcoming?


Read more »


Blog series – Simple ideas for successful online nonprofit membership management using Salesforce

Needing to draft your own army to move mountains of paperwork for member management? What if there were ways to reduce the workload and increase effectiveness?

Photograph of military mail censors at work

Back in August, we posted an article sharing 15 reasons why membership organizations love Non-Profit Soapbox and Salesforce. In it, we offered specific ways the Soapbox platform is being used by nonprofit membership organizations to integrate with their Salesforce instances to increase staff efficiency, bolster member satisfaction, and become more effective in meeting their missions.

As we’ve been building integrated online solutions for membership organizations, we continue to be impressed by the vast potential that connecting this world-class CRM with one’s website has to supercharge member organizations. Read more »


15 reasons why membership organizations love Soapbox and Salesforce

As we’ve freely confessed over and over (and over and over and…), we’re sweet on Saleforce. It provides an immensely powerful platform for managing all the relationships a nonprofit has with individuals and organizations.

If you’re a membership organization, you’re all about managing relationships. Here are the top fifteen reasons why membership organizations love the crush Soapbox Engage has on Salesforce: Read more »