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March Madness causes productivity to plunge by $1.2B; penguin and his nonprofit stay efficient with Salesforce and Soapbox Engage

March Madness is upon us and the statisticians at Challenger, Gray, and Christmas LLC are predicting it will cost employers more than $1.2B in employee productivity.

Phil March Madness

Phil Penn Gwynn, Online Communications Director / Bookkeeper / Database Administrator / Webmaster / Video Blogger for, isn’t worried, though:

With Soapbox Engage integrating our website with Salesforce, the efficiency gains we achieve with online donations, event management, and our self-service member portal far surpass the hours lost with me…uh, I mean, members of our team…distracted by the NCAA tournament.

Interested in how your nonprofit can become more efficient and effective by integrating your website with Salesforce? Contact us!


Free introduction to Salesforce for nonprofits in Washington DC – Jan 30, 2013

PICnetters and Salesforce SaaSy

Ever wondered how the more than 10,000 organizations across the US are using Salesforce to improve their fundraising, membership, and advocacy results? Interested in seeing first-hand some of the powerful data metrics you can measure right from your smartphone or tablet? Have you already received donated Salesforce licenses but not sure what to do with them?

It’s time to get your Salesforce learn on.

On January 30, 2013, at 9am ET, we’ll be providing a FREE guided tour of Salesforce for non-profits, associations, foundations, and advocacy groups. As official Salesforce Foundation partners, our team will walk you through the features included in Salesforce and the Non-Profit Starter Pack: a customization of Salesforce specifically made for non-profits.

This is an in-person introduction at our Washington DC offices, so come for the Salesforce, stay for the coffee.

You’ll leave the session with three key take-aways to report back to your team:

  1. Easy ways to get started using Salesforce for fundraising
  2. Fast metrics success using interactive reports and dashboards
  3. Simple steps to obtain your own free donation licenses for Salesforce

This session is open to everyone, but you’ll need to act fast as space is limited! Please limit two individuals per organization.

Register now at

See you there!


Salesforce Spring ’13 release process and what it means for your nonprofit

Salesforce Spring '13Salesforce rolls out three releases a year. The schedule for the Spring ’13 was published recently. When you have access to the new features is determined by which instance of Salesforce your organization is on.

You can review the schedule here:

To find out which Salesforce instance your organization is on, login to your Salesforce account. Once successfully logged in, check out the first three characters of the url. That indicates the instance.

Once you’ve done that, review the schedule linked to above to see when your maintenance window will be. The good news is that Salesforce has dramatically shortened the period of downtime for their release process so your instance will only be offline for five minutes during the scheduled time.

For details on what will be included in the Spring ’13 release, check out Salesforce’s documentation!


Data import tips for Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack

If you’re looking to import data into Salesforce for your nonprofit organization, there are a number of training resources you have at your disposal from and the Foundation. Read more »


Four reasons to track both client and donor data in Salesforce

One emerging approach we’ve witnessed in the nonprofit space is the manner of Salesforce adoption within organizations. Many organizations are taking a segmented approach to adoption with one department electing to use it and others not. Often the split falls between program and fundraising teams.

There are obvious reasons for this. Legacy systems are involved that vary from department to department. The reasons inspiring adoption by one team will not necessarily apply to the other. Change is difficult for one department let alone an entire organization. And Salesforce adoption is often driven by a key champion within the organization affecting a single department first rather than the entire organization.

Data silos
Photo: dsearls on Flickr

While the reasons for segmented adoption are clear, here are four compelling reasons why organizations would do well to push further to more comprehensive adoption and break out of their data silos: Read more »


Five fundraising metrics using Campaigns in Salesforce

If you’re using Salesforce to track donations, you can generate plenty of helpful fundraising metrics. These can be done across your organization and per fundraising campaign. We’ll focus on five common and critical metrics in this post. Read more »


Free seminar on website integration with Salesforce in Seattle


If you’re in the Seattle area and want to learn about ways your Salesforce database can be integrated with your website, look no further.  On Tuesday (December 11, 2012) from 4pm – 5:30pm PT, I’ll be joining Meghan Morrison from Swift River Consulting and Deb Twersky from 4Culture for a free presentation to the Seattle Nonprofit Salesforce User Group in downtown Seattle to share our lessons learned to help you raise more money and gain more supporters online with Salesforce.

This will be a great opportunity to see and hear some of the hottest ways to help your organization integrate your online fundraising, event management, mass email communications, and much more with Salesforce.  From homegrown solutions to our Soapbox Engage service, you’ll walk out with actionable knowledge that you can use the next day to help your organization become more efficient at online engagement.

If you’d like a deeper dive, and you’re in Seattle on Tuesday, drop me an email and I’d be happy to talk through your online engagement challenges with Salesforce, and see what we can knock out over a cup of coffee.


Alternatives for Convio Common Ground Refugees

For those hit by the news from Blackbaud last week that Convio Common Ground will be discontinued in 2014, the pressing question at hand is the same that any refugee faces: where to now?

In considering options, there are three important aspects of the move to take into account: 1) which CRM platform should be my new home?; 2) how will I move and who can help?; and 3) how will that CRM platform integrate with my website? Read more »


Record types in Salesforce’s Nonprofit Starter Pack

We’re doing a bit of work creating user-friendly and affordable engagement tools for non-profits.  Much of this work is connecting our Soapbox services to Salesforce’s Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP).  A goal in our integration is to make it as seamless as possible for organizations to use the NPSP out of the box with Soapbox.

One of the things we’ve documented are the record types utilized by the NPSP.  These record types are important, as we’re able to have our Soapbox service pass event registrations, petitions, donations, and more through Salesforce.  This seemed a little difficult for us to find, and we’ve been seeing some inconsistencies in the creation of record types in the NPSP (I think others have as well), so I thought we’d document what we’ve found.

Trialforce NPSP installation

Opportunity Object

  • Donation
  • Grant
  • Major Gift
  • Matching Donation
  • Membership

Account Object

  • Individual
Manually created install of NPSP

Opportunity Object

  • Donation
  • Grant
  • Major Gift
  • Membership

Account Object

  • Individual

Have others found similar differences between these NPSP installations?


PICnet Volunteer Series: Katie is starting Creative Conversations

This is the second post in our series about the PICnet Team’s volunteer efforts.

Jamie Ozimek contributed to this post.

Who: Project Manager Katie Guernsey How she serves: Various positions at Americans for the Arts

header_logoPICnetter Katie keeps busy day to day as a  Project Manager in our San Francisco office, helping clients build and manage their websites. But on the side, Katie is heavily involved in Americans for the Arts, the largest national advocacy and service organization for the arts in the US.

At AFTA, Katie serves as a member on the Emerging Leaders Council, and the chair of  the Technology and Communications Committee. As a Councilmember, she helps inform the direction that AFTA takes in supporting arts administrators who identify themselves to be “emerging” in their career on a national level. What exactly does that mean? According to Katie, AFTA’s definition of an “Emerging Leader” is someone under 35 years old, or in the field less than five years, but depending on the person, these guidelines can change a little. The Emerging Leaders Council devises programming, networking, and professional development opportunities for their peers under the guise of AFTA’s infrastructure. On a local level, Katie helps to coordinate professional networking opportunities such as the “Creative Conversations.”

Some of Katie’s specific duties include maintaining AFTA’s Google Group and overseeing the strategy of how to best serve their constituency through online technologies. This year, she facilitated one of the Emerging Leader Networking Sessions at the Annual Convention.

Read more »