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Join us for the NTEN September 2014 Happy Hour with Sapient

Join us tomorrow, September 24th, at 5:30 pm for the NTEN September happy hour!

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Sapient is graciously hosting at their offices in Arlington, conveniently located just one block from Courthouse metro at 1515 N. Courthouse Road. Drinks and food begin at 5:30 pm before a great presentation by Sapient highlighting the top digital trends of the future for nonprofits and fondly reminiscing over the less-than-hip trends of the past. Read more »


It’s National Volunteer Week!

I had no idea it was National Volunteer week until Bethany at NTEN wrote this little blog post thanking all the chapter coordinators for their help in running NTEN events over the years.  While I guess I do technically volunteer as the DC NTEN Chapter coordinator, I rarely think of it as volunteering. Rather, I think of it as community building of accidental techies who are trying to do good in this mad, crazy world. And since I love meeting new people and organizing events, my NTEN happy hours aren’t something I begrudge, but instead something to which I look forward.

That being said, I hope you can join me for our next DC NTEN Happy Hour to be held on Wednesday, April 23 at Local 16. Let’s hope for nice weather as we’ll be upstairs on their outdoor patio. For more info and to RSVP, be sure to visit the event page. Hope to see you there!


Spring is in the Air! So we’re celebrating with an outdoor NTEN Happy Hour!

I can not think of a better way to celebrate spring’s arrival in DC than with a happy hour with my favorite non-profit techies.

Please join members of NTEN and NetSquared DC on Thursday, April 25 from 6 – 8 pm at Local 16. We’ll be recapping NTC 2013 and will have plenty of time for networking.

Be sure to save your spot!


Mobile Apps and Your Nonprofit: NTEN Happy Hour, Thursday, 2/28

Mobile apps are all the rage, and since I consider myself a fashionable person, I wanted to make sure one of my NTEN Happy Hours focused on this technology. Luckily, that was very easy with the help of Compuware. Compuware, a tech company focusing on software and best practices services, is sponsoring the February 2013 NTEN happy hour.  Eric Fishman, Senior Director of Information Services & Strategies at the American Psychiatric Association and a client of Compuware’s, will be our speaker. More details below:

What: NTEN February 2013 Happy Hour When: Thursday, February 28, 2013 Where: Buffalo Billiards (1330 19th Street, NW) – we’ll be in the Patio Room Time: 6:00 pm Topic: Eric Fishman will be discussing mobile app development for the American Psychiatric Association

Be sure to RSVP so I can make sure there are enough snacks for all. I hope you can join us!


Ring in the New Year with first NTEN Happy Hour of 2013!

As the DC NTEN Happy Hour coordinator, I’m always looking for new places to have events, new speakers for said events, and new ideas for making these events the best ever. So I couldn’t resist when Ryan Ozimek, PICnet’s very own CEO, not only offered up the PICnet offices for an NTEN Happy Hour but also volunteered to speak at the event. I knew that this would be a great way to ring in the new year of NTEN Happy Hours.

I hope you agree and will join me next Thursday, January 24, 2013 from 6 – 8 pm at PICnet’s DC offices at 1605 Connecticut Ave. NW Third Floor.  Ryan will be discussing new ways to engage your online supporters in 2013. So if you want to know more, or if you want to pop by to meet and greet other members of NTEN, please RSVP here.

We’ll have complimentary drinks and snacks, so I hope to see you there!


Why I registered for my 10th NTC in a row

2004 Non-Profit Technology Conference guideBack in 2004, PICnet was just a few years old, Soapbox wasn’t even an idea yet, and I found myself in Philadelphia with a bunch of non-profit tech geeks.  It was my first Non-Profit Technology Conference (NTC), organized by our good friends at N-TEN. and I remembered thinking to myself, “wow, there’s really a lot of other crazy folks interested in non-profit tech.”

Little did I know that 10 years later, I’d be registering for the same event.

It’s been an incredible string of events during the past 10 years.  The N-TEN community has changed, dramatically, since the early Circuit Rider days, and so has the NTC.  I swear that it seems there are more folks hosting booths at the Science Fair these days then there were total attendees back in the early days!

So this afternoon, when I started working on my annual registration for the NTC 2013 (early bird, of course), I reflected for a moment.  As the N-TEN community has evolved and grown, do I still fit into the new generation of N-TEN folks?  Were my interests back in 2004 the same as they are today, and if so, are they being reflected in the type of event that the NTC has become?  Did I really manually blow up, by hand, 96 penguins with my PICnet buddy Pradeep back at the NTC 2006 in Seattle?

In short:  is the NTC right for a guy like me in 2013?

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Top 10 reasons to complete the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Spending Survey

NTEN logoNTEN is conducting the 7th annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments survey in order to provide both benchmarks and qualitative data about technology decisions and practices among nonprofit organizations.

Just in case your finger isn’t jumping to click the link to complete the survey just yet, here are ten reasons why you should (drum roll, please)…

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A thank you note to our friend, Holly Ross

Holly RossMany people come and go in our technology world. That’s the way it works. It’s a environment ripe for temporary transplants to make a splash, wash up on the shore, and move on. Rare are the folks that stick around for the long-haul, making substantial impacts on the way organizations use and collaborate around technology.

One of those rare folks is Holly Ross.

When I learned about Holly’s departure today from the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (N-TEN), I couldn’t help but flashback to 2004 (maybe it was earlier, but I don’t want to date either of us). I’d met a few times with Ed Batista, who was the Executive Director of NTEN at the time, and he introduced me to Holly.

We went out for lunch near the N-TEN SF offices, and from our first conversation, I knew that Holly was in it for the marathon, not the sprint. She was so passionate about the work of N-TEN in its early days, it was obvious that she was going to make a significant difference.

Three executive directors and some years later, Holly has been the heart and soul of N-TEN for me ever since that first lunch. She’s an inclusive spirit, someone always looking for opportunities to bring people together. She’s a fun person, always smiling and laughing. And most importantly, she’s a strong-willed advocate and support of changemakers in our sector.

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Thanks for the NTEN memories, Sarah!

As the NTEN Happy Hour Coordinator here in DC, I rely on the support of my NTEN contact, Sarah Janczak, to help me market our monthly happy hours, reimburse funds spent on the event, and supply me with awesome NTEN swag to pass out at said event.  Since taking over the NTEN Happy Hours in November of 2010, Sarah has been a constant source of support and encouragement in making my events a success. I’m so thankful that I had the chance to get to know Sarah and work with her on an (almost) weekly basis.

That being said, I’m so saddened (for me) but excited (for her) to see Sarah leave NTEN after four wonderful years. She’ll be going on to an awesome position PwC Advisory in Austin, Texas. You can read about her new adventure here. I’m sure it’ll be  an amazing experience for her, one that she can thank NTEN for helping her acquire.

Thanks again, Sarah, for all the fabulous NTEN memories. Best of luck in the future!


Scaling individual donor cultivation for funding diversification

“Any reliance on a single funding source is sometimes unavoidable, but the vulnerability it creates for a nonprofit should be the impetus to strive for diversification,” says Cynthia Reddrick of Philanthropy Journal in her post Individual giving key to stable funding yesterday. She goes on to highlight several recent stories about well-known organizations that grabbed national headlines and provide cautionary tales. Read more »