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Process payments with CyberSource – and integrate with Salesforce

Last week, CyberSource, the “world’s first eCommerce payment management company”, became the latest payment option added to the Soapbox platform.

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CyberSource joins PayPal Website Payments Pro, Braintree, and as options for accepting online payments through the Soapbox Engage and Non-Profit Soapbox platforms.

Each of the four options allow for seamless processing of payments for donations, member dues, and event registrations – all with the option of integrating with

Learn more about how Soapbox processes payments and integrates with in real-time: Read more »


“More than a website”: Non-Profit Soapbox, Salesforce and Soapbox Mailer provide powerful platform

Not every organization looking to roll out a brand new web presence has the advantage Holy Trinity Church of Georgetown Pike (HTC) enjoyed: a volunteer leading the project who has been founder and CEO of several DC area technology startups.

Phillip Merrick knew the possibilities of a robust and integrated online presence and its importance to a startup, whether that be a business or a church:

“As a newly formed church preparing to launch our ministries and outreach, we needed more than just a website. We needed a platform to support a digital footprint spanning social media, web video and traditional email marketing, together with an integrated database on the back-end.”

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Quickly escalate supporter engagement through multi-step appeals for your nonprofit

Nonprofits have several ways individuals can support their missions – through volunteering, attending an event, signing a petition, making a donation, becoming a member, and more.

Nonprofits would love to have each individual support them in ALL of the ways they provide.

Like any relationship, those steps of engagement with your organization happen incrementally over time. Just as one doesn’t meet a promising someone at a bar and instantly get down on one knee to pop the question, organizations need to work a little romance over time to nurture and expand a relationship with each individual.

That’s called moving them up the engagement ladder in nonprofit-speak.

Sky easy access

And while it does take time and nurturing, interested folks just may be down with scampering up that ladder, if you ask them the right way. Read more »


Four reasons to choose Braintree as payment processor for your nonprofit donations

Braintree logoWith our Soapbox platform offering online payments for donations and events, we’ve had occasion to chat with nonprofits about various payment processors to choose from. PayPal and are two of the three that work with Soapbox. They are well-known and have a raft of opinions associated with them. Some good and some bad.

The third payment processor Soapbox interfaces with is Braintree, an option lesser known in the nonprofit space. And, while we’re not looking to endorse any single provider, Braintree is worthy of consideration for some very good reasons: Read more »