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Introducing PICnet’s Newest Team Member

MarisaHello PICnet Community, I am so excited to introduce myself to you! My name is Marisa and I’ve just joined the PICnet team to help you as our Professional Services Manager.

I have been in your shoes! Having spent the majority of my career as a fundraiser with tech sprinkled in, I understand. I’ve worked for large and small organizations attempting to do more with less and I’ve been on the client-side of implementing a new website and software.

Early on, I knew I wanted to be in the nonprofit world, and I observed first-hand the lack of in-house technical support and knowledge. So, I purposely went after a degree in Information Technology knowing that if I could combine technical know-how with fundraising savvy, I could do wonders for the missions I supported. I’m thrilled to translate that concept to support the PICnet community and help you do the same for your organizations.

Fun facts about me:

  • I grew up just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana and Britney Spears and I were in the same dance class at 4 years old.
  • I lived in New Mexico the exact same timespan as the filming of Breaking Bad.
  • I’ve taken up running and finished a ten-mile race in 2015 (and am training to do it again in 2016).
  • I’ve played adult kickball in three different NFL stadiums.

I can’t wait to get to know you and support you!


Four strategies to increase virtual team happiness and productivity

Water coolerWe’ve all heard the legends about the water cooler discussion that led to the next big idea for an organization.  Aside from all the green benefits of having a water cooler in the office, locations like this have long provided an informal opportunity for teammates to share passing ideas, build camaraderie, and increase team cohesion.

In an increasingly virtual workplace, these physical locations are tougher to come by, and remote workers can feel more disconnected from their peers.  While a recent study pointed to the benefits of remote work, we’ve found that long-term virtual work can sometimes to lead to a sense of isolation for workers of small teams that yearn for higher engagement opportunities.

Until teleportation becomes a reality, here’s four strategies that we’ve found increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Read more »


Derek, A Brief Introduction

Derek Hello! My name is Derek and I am proud to say that I am the newest addition to the PICnet team. Today officially marks my second day with the PICnet crew in Washington, DC as a Project Manager, and I could not be more excited to be a PICnetter! I am very much looking forward to helping our clients build and manage their Soapbox sites.

I am yet another accidental techie in the ranks here at PICnet, having been exposed to the tech world during my AmeriCorps VISTA service term last year. I am a surfer at heart and I love the outdoors and eating burritos. Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite things:

  1. Fast Company – my source for all things innovative and tech
  2. The Surfer’s Journal – this is how I fulfill my desire to be in the ocean while living in DC; incredible publication with extremely high quality articles and photography
  3. Permaculture/Resiliency – my vision for the future, design governed by principles found in nature
  4. Good – my “go-to” for inspirational ideas that have an impact
  5. Dawes – my favorite band right now and in my opinion, some of the best songwriters in the business today


How great leaders inspire action: Simon Sinek at TED

We’re sharing this video of Simon Sinek speaking at TED around PICnet’s virtual water cooler today. We couldn’t resist sharing it more broadly through this channel.

As a B Corporation with a mission to empower organizations through technology – a company with a why at the center of what we do that is about serving a whole lot of nonprofits with a why at the center of they do – the entire 18 minutes and 5 seconds resonated with us. Take a moment to be inspired and reconnect with your why that can inspire action and change the world.


We love our Project Managers and so do our clients!

We PICnetters are lucky to get a firsthand glimpse into the inner workings of social change agents in action. Our non-profit clients are why we exist in the first place … what can I say, we love our clients! We feel even more fortunate to know that the feeling is mutual. We thought we’d share some recent praise for one PICnetter in particular, Amber Manning, our newest project manager.

Amber had the pleasure of working with Groundswell (née DC Project), an organization dedicated to combating both economic inequality and environmental decline by promoting clean energy in local communities. Groundswell underwent a rebranding and needed a new website to match their new face to the world. Read more »


Happy 11th birthday, us!

NTEN's PICnet Penguin

My goodness, time certainly does fly by. Today, PICnet marks its 11th birthday, and we’re excited to celebrate it with our growing community of non-profit and socially responsible business clients.

Heading into our 12th year, we’re hot on the pioneering trail with a number of new products, including updates to our Soapbox Engage service and the new Soapbox Mailer. This is all part of our efforts to make technology affordable and accidental-techie friendly so that organizations can be more efficient.

Before you send us a big bouquet of congratulations flowers, brand new hybrid vehicles, or eco-friendly private jets as celebratory gifts, we’ve got another gift in mind…

Support the Penguin Fund!

If you have a PICnet penguin in your office, if you’ve ever participated in NTEN community efforts, or if you want to celebrate PICnet’s birthday without going through the hassle of buying us all new hybrid cars, please support NTEN’s scholarship fund to help send 50 organizations to the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference.

Thanks to all our clients, partners, PICnetters, friends, and family who have supported us during the past 11 years.  Here’s to another year of innovation, penguin fun, success…and eye-poking at over-priced competitors.


Amber & Other Gems

Greetings! My name is Amber, and I am the newest gem on the PICnet team. I came on board at the beginning of October as a Project Manager in the Washington, DC office. I am very excited to be joining PICnet, and I look forward to helping our clients build and manage their Soapbox sites.

A pure accidental techie — I came to work in this industry (believe it or not) through a babysitting job I had after college. One of my favorite things about being a Project Manager is being able to collect and share some of the best free online tools that are available. Read more »


Project Manager superstar wanted in D.C.

Project Manager with excellent client-handling skills desired to run the point on web development projects for outstanding non-profit organizations. Ability to post triple-doubles of client satisfaction, on-time and on-budget performance, and stellar work product a must. We’re looking for MVP-type talent to cut through the madness this march and push to the finals for our organizations that work so hard to make this world a better place.

Whether you’re a Number One seed or Cinderella story, if you’ve got the passion to win for non-profits, the skills with the project rock, and a positive vibe for good team chemistry, we’ve got a bracket with your name on it.

Want to join this Big Dance? Find out more on our job announcement.


You’re invited to our NTC 2011 party!

With the 2011 Non-Profit Technology Conference (NTC) happening in our backyard this week, we thought it would be a good idea to do a little PICnet style celebration while our friends and clients are all in Washington DC.

On Friday, March 18, from 8pm until they tell us to quiet down because we’re having too much fun, you’re invited to join your PICnet friends and Phil the Accidental Techie (penguin!) at our official NTC party in Dupont Circle. We’ll be at One Lounge, 1606 20th St, NW, just three short blocks away from the Hilton where the NTC will be held. First drink is on us!

For our NCAA basketball tourney friends that will need their fix after being away from the TV all day, we’ll have the tournament on as well.


Spread the word, bring a friend, and get ready for a good time!


Looking back to PICnet’s roots

This is a guest post by Grey Frandsen, our company’s co-founder and inspirational guru.

Dear PICnet Family and Friends:

10 years ago Ryan Ozimek and I set out to create a company to serve organizations with brave and selfless missions.

Our objective was clear: produce highly-functional and cutting-edge technology solutions for organizations that typically were more focused (and rightfully so) on their own critical missions – tackling challenges like homelessness, refugee resettlement, education, emergency response, social justice, community development, cancer treatment, etc.  You know, really important stuff.

Funny enough, though, we didn’t start with a product or silver-bullet solution.  We set out only to help these organizations do more for less so they could make a greater impact.  Our work for our first great client led to a second amazing client.  Our second client turned into numbers five, 10, and so on.  As we grew, so too did our understanding of the market, our clients, their challenges, and what PICnet could do to continue to serve a growing number of fantastic organizations.  It actually worked.

To be sure, thought, this vision was pretty unique in 2000.  Serving charitable, non-profit and international NGOs wasn’t exactly sexy.  It wasn’t where the IPOs were being offered or where the angel investors wanted to spend a lot of time.  In fact, Ryan and I were viewed as “the goodie-two-dudes” by those setting out to make big profits in other, more glamorous arenas.  Better for us, we thought, even if it meant we’d be charting our own course in unknown territory (like Albania, Uganda, or Indonesia). Read more »