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Getting started using Salesforce for advocacy campaigns

Inauguration 2013With this week’s second inauguration of President Obama, and the announcement of the new Organizing for Action nonprofit, the world has seen first-hand that the future of advocacy is data, data, and data.  As the President begins his second term, we’re likely to see the debate over important social issues of our time become even more competitive than before.  Now is the time for organizations to gear up for the next wave of advocacy.

Earlier today, we covered how the Obama campaign successfully utilized it’s strong database tools to run important A/B communication testing to determine message effectiveness.  While it’s going to be rare for an advocacy group to have the war chest of funds that the presidential campaigns had this year, there’s a powerful database tool that we believe is about to see a significant uptick in the advocacy world in 2013:

The question:  how can your advocacy group get started using Salesforce, and even the open source Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP), to build a successful campaign database and platform?

Here’s three ideas you can implement right away to start using Salesforce for your advocacy work.

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Denver or bust

Denver SkylineAs usual, it’s a late night in DC for me before I get ready to head out of town. This time, it’s a little different though. Rather than the typical DC to SF trip I take, this weekend I’m flying to Denver for the Democratic Convention.

Without much of an agenda other than to meet new people and continue building connections with our community, I’m looking forward to seeing what all the buzz is about these conventions. I’ll be arriving tomorrow evening, and staying through Aug 29 morning. During that time, I expect to spend much of my time at the Big Tent, which I figure should be the center of the high-tech action.

There’s of course a lot of business social networking that needs to be done. Every night. At the parties. This will be very serious, and require my full attention. Expect to see me at events like the 5280 party and the happy hours and events thrown by our friends at New Era Colorado.

If you’re going to be in Denver during the convention, drop me a note!


MyState of the Union

MyState of the UnionI’d venture to say there’s more than a few of us in the country that aren’t terribly pleased with the direction our country has been heading during the past few years. Well, now it’s time to get off that cozy couch of yours and do something about it.

And no, I don’t mean blog about it.

Take out that handy digital camera with a video mode on it, and cruise over to MySpace’s MyState of the Union. Tell the country your gripes and vision, then upload it to MySpace to have it reviewed by some DC Beltway heavy hitters, the likes of Bill Frist and John Podesta.

So even if you didn’t vote last year, here’s your chance to tell the world your vision for the country in 2007!