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“More than a website”: Non-Profit Soapbox, Salesforce and Soapbox Mailer provide powerful platform

Not every organization looking to roll out a brand new web presence has the advantage Holy Trinity Church of Georgetown Pike (HTC) enjoyed: a volunteer leading the project who has been founder and CEO of several DC area technology startups.

Phillip Merrick knew the possibilities of a robust and integrated online presence and its importance to a startup, whether that be a business or a church:

“As a newly formed church preparing to launch our ministries and outreach, we needed more than just a website. We needed a platform to support a digital footprint spanning social media, web video and traditional email marketing, together with an integrated database on the back-end.”

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Online application management system for Salesforce empowers Nathan Cummings Foundation

NathanCummings_July2011When the Nathan Cummings Foundation came to us in search of a robust online application system integrated with their Salesforce instance to support their Nathan Cummings Foundation Fellowship, we jumped at the opportunity.

It was a great chance to use our Salesforce integration tools in Non-Profit Soapbox to support an outstanding fellowship program that empowers visionary world changers fostering social good.

It is also a great example of a foundation working with a B Corporation to foster social good.

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VIDEO: B Corporation website features dynamic, visually-compelling Salesforce integration

B Corporation logoWe shared awhile back about the flexibility Soapbox provides in displaying Salesforce records within your website. We featured some snaps of Fozzy Bear to give a glimpse of how your Salesforce data can come alive on the web page.

Well, move over Fozzy. The B Corporation website sets a whole new standard for dynamic, visually-compelling Salesforce integration.

Take the Soapbox Two-Minute Tour in this video to see how those integrations power a directory of Certified B Corporations: Read more »


New York Anti-Violence Project launches new website, design with Non-Profit Soapbox

The New York Anti-Violence Project (AVP):

“empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV-affected communities and allies to end all forms of violence through organizing and education, and supports survivors through counseling and advocacy.”

This great organization’s website however, was not reflecting the richness of the organization’s work. Read more »


WordPress and Salesforce: Soapbox Engage brings them together

Earlier this week, we shared how the good folks at the Groundswell Movement are achieving “massive growth” using Soapbox Engage to connect their website to their Salesforce account. One thing we didn’t mention is that their primary website runs on WordPress. No fuss, no muss, though, because Soapbox Engage plays well with others.

All that goodness we mentioned about doubling their supporter list, getting thousands of online donations, managing events and offering an online search tool – all integrating in real-time with Salesforce – that is available for any WordPress user. Read more »


“Soapbox Engage is where we should be,” says Groundswell Movement

“Massive growth” with Soapbox Engage

Soapbox Engage has allowed us to achieve pretty massive growth,” said Isaac Luria, Senior Director for Engagement, New Media and Technology.

Groundswell logoThe Groundswell Movement is a non-profit organization in New York City, sponsored by Auburn Seminary. It was founded on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by a Sikh American family that was exposed to anti-Muslim violence. As a new organization, building their supporter base was vital.

Within two months of launching Soapbox Engage, they doubled their supporter list.

“We have a list of 40,000 supporters now. Soon we’ll likely be over 50,000 and could be over 100,000 by the end of the year,” said Luria. Read more »


ACCION to Non-Profit Soapbox: I’ll have another

You don’t have to be a world-class racehorse owner to know when you’ve got a thoroughbred on your hands. And after ACCION worked with PICnet to launch a redesigned site for their Smart Campaign, they fell in love with this little colt, Non-Profit Soapbox.

So when it came time to trot out a new site for their Center for Financial Inclusion, they opted to take Non-Profit Soapbox for another race around the track. And it didn’t disappoint.

Right from the gate, the site jumps out to a fast start with a beautiful design and engaging images of clients that drive home the mission of the Center:

Old site put out to pasture

Center for Financial Inclusion: old site

New Non-Profit Soapbox thoroughbred site

Center for Financial Inclusion: new site

This colt is more than a show pony with a fast start, though. At the first turn, its navigation is well-laid out and easy to handle. Deeper into the race, it offers rich, easily searchable content from the Center’s Publications and Resources. And Soapbox has the strength to consistently run wire to wire, race after race, since it provides easy tools for staff to efficiently update their site so they can be expert web technology jockeys.

Take a moment to hop on for a little ride around the track on their new site yourself and see how this colt is helping to drive home the Center for Financial Inclusion’s mission to bring about the conditions to achieve full financial inclusion around the world.


“We are very, very pleased with the final product”

A few weeks ago, we happily announced the launch of the new website for Help Abolish Legal Tyranny, or HALT. We mentioned how pleased we were that we could help them abolish their own bit of website tyranny.

Rodd Santomauro, Executive Director of HALT, is pretty pleased, too! “Very, very pleased”, in fact: Read more »


How Redesigning Our Website with PICnet Delivered Results

Coast Guard Foundation sealAt PICnet, were not about just moving pixels around to create a website. We’re about empowering non-profits to better meet their missions through web technology. So when the good folks over at the Coast Guard Foundation let us know that’s exactly what happened as a result of the launch of their new site, we had to do a little jig.

We could have posted a video of that but, since our jig skills leave something to be desired, we figured it would be better to let the Foundation give you the low down in their own words: Read more »


New Soapbox site abolishes website tyranny for HALT

HALT logoWe love to see clients dash off the starting line with a new Non-Profit Soapbox site that they can effectively manage on their own to better serve their missions. Meet HALT, the latest Soapbox site to sprint out onto the interwebs.

HALT, or Help Abolish Legal Tyranny, is the nation’s largest legal reform organization – a nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest group of more than 20,000 members. Read more »