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We love our Project Managers and so do our clients!

We PICnetters are lucky to get a firsthand glimpse into the inner workings of social change agents in action. Our non-profit clients are why we exist in the first place … what can I say, we love our clients! We feel even more fortunate to know that the feeling is mutual. We thought we’d share some recent praise for one PICnetter in particular, Amber Manning, our newest project manager.

Amber had the pleasure of working with Groundswell (née DC Project), an organization dedicated to combating both economic inequality and environmental decline by promoting clean energy in local communities. Groundswell underwent a rebranding and needed a new website to match their new face to the world. Read more »


B Lab leads the way with Salesforce-powered search directories

Benefit Corporations are no stranger to being ahead of the curve, and that especially true for B Lab’s new website that spotlights these trailblazing organizations. For those of you who haven’t heard the word about Benefit Corporations, they are a “new class” of corporation that are re-imagining the way that business does business in order to affect positive change in the world.

If you’d like to see a list of this growing community of socially responsible businesses, the new website will grant that wish. And given that their Benefit Corp search directory is fed live from B Lab’s CRM database—— you’ll be able to see the list automagically grow almost before your eyes as more and more organizations join the ranks. Read more »


8 benefits of a newly designed Soapbox site: The Bridge NY

The Bridge LogoIf your non-profit’s website is in dire need of an overhaul, but you’re having trouble getting your decision makers on board, fear not! We have a list of surefire benefits to justify your cause with a clear cut example to boot.

But don’t just take our word for it. PICnet had the pleasure of working with New York-based non-profit, The Bridge, on their handsome new site. Here’s what they said.

“Soapbox was exactly what we were looking for in terms of sophisticated and search friendly design. We are thrilled with the way our new site looks and functions. Thanks to our PICnet team!”  - Ann R. Hyatt, Director of Development & External Relations, The Bridge

What got Ann so excited? First, let’s look at the before and after shots.

Read more »


Home for the Holidays – CUCS’s Migration Story

Yesterday we launched the new and improved Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS) site. CUCS has been our client since 2008 and has found a new home just in time for the holidays on Soapbox 2.x. With this migration from Soapbox 1.x they are going to be able to take advantage of all of the great features that are now available, including:

  • easy-to-use administrative interface
  • improved WYSIWYG editor
  • slideshow service
  • search engine optimization (SEO) benefits, such as search engine friendly URLs
  • …and more!

Paul Howard, CUCS’s Associate Director of Training and Consulting Services worked closely with us on this project. He says,

“The thing I am looking forward to the most about our new site is the ability to add slideshows to our website and use customized templates to help set CUCS apart.”


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Google teams up with PICnet client to fight human slavery

It always warms our hearts to see our organizations get the support they deserve.  Earlier today, a new link appeared on the homepage. “‘Tis the season. Google supports organizations that are changing the world.” homepage on Dec 14, 2011

The reason? The Google Foundation announced a $40 million grant allocation to non-profit organizations, including our Soapbox client, Polaris Project, to help tackle important challenges around the world. One of their key areas of focus, “fighting human trafficking and modern-day slavery,” is the cornerstone of the work done by our friends at the Polaris Project. Read more »


Easy to use + easy on the eyes = easy to update!

Not feeling inspired to add new content to your website? Don’t let a difficult platform get in your way! Our Non-Profit Soapbox CMS was designed for accidental techies like you so that you can leave your troubles behind and focus on what’s important—adding fresh, engaging content for your audience!

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Read more »


Spot the Difference: Benefits of Upgrading to Soapbox 2

Since 2006, our robust Non-Profit Soapbox platform has served more than 350 organizations, empowering them with the quality, easy-to-use, flexible, affordable (we could go on…) web tools they need to carry out their missions. Soapbox has gone through several important milestones in its history:

2006: launch of the non-profit community’s very own hosted web platform, Soapbox 1.0, optimized for their specific needs, based on years of best practice captured by PICnetters

2008: launch of Soapbox 2.0, the next-generation of Soapbox goodness with a slew of hot new features: an upgraded CMS framework, integration with Google Analytics, human readable URLs, and more

2010: development of Soapbox integration with the world’s leading CRM tool, Non-profits are no longer left behind in the wake of technological advancements, and instead they now enjoy a full-fledged integration of a website CMS with Salesforce for donations, events, and more.

2011: beta launch of Soapbox Engage, bringing the power of Salesforce-integrated websites to the masses

Technology advances so quickly that sometimes it’s fun to stop and take a look back at how far we’ve come—for the web as a whole and for our beloved Soapbox platform in particular. Here’s a trip down memory lane for the recently upgraded Virginia Water Environment Association (VWEA) website. We’re super thrilled to have grown up alongside VWEA, and even more excited to upgrade them a new site! Read more »


No Lazy Days of Summer for PICnet

Summertime is usually a time to relax – go the beach, put a good burger on the grill, watch fireworks while sipping your beverage of choice from a rooftop. Well, that might be how most people spend their summers in DC, but not for PICnet. We’ve been blasting through the summer with several new site launches! Here are ones that launched in just the first half of August: Read more » launches

Coming to work for PICnet, I figured I would learn all kinds of geeky computer-terms like php, SQL and Cufon. Little did I Know that one of the coolest terms I would learn came from a client: charismatic mega-fauna.

What do charismatic mega-fauna – large animal species with widespread popular appeal – have to do with my job as a project manager? A lot, it turns out, when it came to creating a new site for the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC).


ASOC, as you’re probably imagining, has some incredibly compelling images, so we wanted a site that captured the visitor’s attention visually. This manifested itself in a stylish background image of Antarctica, as well as a prominent soapbox slideshow and embedded Flickr images module.

Don’t let the eye-candy fool you though, this site is deep with tons of resources on a number of key issues related to nature in the Antarctic as well as a fantastic archive of news articles and policy papers. To make sure the site felt fresh despite having so much content, we created a series of dynamic modules on all of the issue pages that are set to display the three most recent news articles and three most recent publications related to that specific issue area. This provides the site with a great mix of depth – you can read reports on the Antarctic that go back decades – as well as relevancy when looking for what’s happening right this minute.

But alongside all of the rich content and deep information, the charismatic megafauna still continue to find a place. I mean just look at the adorable penguin favicon for the site (say it aloud: “awwww.”)

Congratulations to ASOC on their beautiful new site!


New Site Launch: Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council


Welcome to the soapbox family, GPAC!

It was a real pleasure helping to put this site together over the last few months. I wish I could say that I was there from start to finish, but that would be untrue. Initially, Katie Guernsey was the PM for this project, before she moved on to her new gig over at the Mozilla foundation. However, before she left, Katie was able to spend a significant chunk of time conducting audience interviews and undergoing an extensive evaluation process of their current site as part of an expanded discovery budget. The hard work she put into that process made it much easier to join a big project like this mid-stream, and really helped to create a great site that would meet the needs of GPAC and their audiences.

With a big site like GPAC’s, it can be quite a task finalizing the site map and uploading all of the content necessary to launch, but the crew at GPAC did an awesome job working through it, so congratulations are certainly in order! Ryan Belisle, our lead designer, also gets a shout out for totally nailing the design. It’s clean, vibrant, sharp, all of the things the GPAC team were looking for. Great Job, RB!

I’m really pleased with the final product that we were able to deliver on this project, and I look forward to watching this great new site grow over the years to come!