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Setting up Authorship for your website with Google+: What to expect and how long it takes

We posted a great little tidbit the other day regarding the authorship service available to Google+ Profile owners and how it can help increase traffic to your site.

By following Google’s instructions for verifying authorship of content on a website, search results will display your Google+ Profile headshot and a link to other content you’ve written, increasing the likelihood that your link will get clicked:


We followed the instructions provided by Google for our own blog and can report back the following: Read more »


Quickly escalate supporter engagement through multi-step appeals for your nonprofit

Nonprofits have several ways individuals can support their missions – through volunteering, attending an event, signing a petition, making a donation, becoming a member, and more.

Nonprofits would love to have each individual support them in ALL of the ways they provide.

Like any relationship, those steps of engagement with your organization happen incrementally over time. Just as one doesn’t meet a promising someone at a bar and instantly get down on one knee to pop the question, organizations need to work a little romance over time to nurture and expand a relationship with each individual.

That’s called moving them up the engagement ladder in nonprofit-speak.

Sky easy access

And while it does take time and nurturing, interested folks just may be down with scampering up that ladder, if you ask them the right way. Read more »


Project Management Quick Tip: Develop a start and end of week routine

This is the first of an occasional PICnet blog series: Project Management Quick Tip. These quick tips are lessons that we Project Managers have learned in our work to keep things on time, on budget, and most importantly, to make sure that we have happy clients.

We, the PICnet Project Management team, may not be perfect but we are constantly pursuing greatness – yes, greatness! We offer these tips from lessons learned in that pursuit.

Here’s our first quick tip that will hopefully help you in your own project management work:

Develop a start and end of the week (and day) routine

My to do list is healed and in use!

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Three tips for a/b testing your nonprofit online marketing efforts inspired by the Obama campaign

As the nation’s capital cleans up from the weekend’s Inaugural festivities, it’s worth asking how we got here:

How was it that President Obama came to be standing on the steps of the Capitol being sworn for a second term rather than his rival, Governor Mitt Romney, being sworn in for his first?

Presidential Inaugural Parade [Image 11 of 11]

One undeniable factor was that Obama’s Digital Team ran one of the most successful online campaigns ever.

Curious about how? Read more »


Blog series – Simple ideas for online nonprofit membership management using Salesforce: Dues payment history

If you’re a member organization looking to offer tasty content for a members-only area, we offered a tantalizing idea on Friday for providing logged in users access to private contact information of other members in Salesforce. A valuable service to your members with no additional website management for you.

Today is the same song different verse, this one to the tune of the cash register.

If you collect dues and track them in Salesforce, you’ve got a pile of valuable data about the times your members have rung the cash register.

Cash Keys

Add value to your members-only area by providing logged in users a list of their past payments. Include amounts and dates. Let them know when their membership expires. All through integrating your website with your Salesforce instance. Read more »


Blog series – Simple ideas for online nonprofit membership management using Salesforce: Members-only contact info

Tell us if this sounds familiar: you’re a membership organization that wants to have a members-only section – but you have no idea what to put in your members-only section that will encourage members to login and login often?

You’re not alone. It’s a common dilemma member organizations face. Since content is king on the interwebs, you don’t want to unnecessarily restrict great content to only logged in members when if really should be public. You also likely don’t have time to create regular and robust content exclusively for a members-only section.

So, how do you share enticing, mouth-watering members-only content they’ll want to login to dig into without doubling your web management task?

Dessert 07/19/2007

For websites integrating with Salesforce, there will be a few great ideas to consider. None will require additional staff time to manage content beyond what you already do. Each will encourage folks to login. Read more »


Easy content sharing with RSS feeds from your nonprofit website

RSS feed logo

RSS can be a little confusing.  I try to remember it like this: it’s a no-nonsense way to push content from a website, or pull content into a website. Read more »


Data import tips for Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack

If you’re looking to import data into Salesforce for your nonprofit organization, there are a number of training resources you have at your disposal from and the Foundation. Read more »


Three lessons on nonprofit SEO from my eBay experience

SEO and eBayAs a Project Manager at PICnet, I often give clients advice on how to optimize their web content for search engines. However, when posting some items to eBay the other day, I realized just how easy it is to make fatal Search Engine Optimization (SEO) flaws.

After spending a fairly tedious two hours posting nine items to eBay, here is what I have been reminded of when writing content for the web: Read more »


Customizing a Twitter Tweet Button for your nonprofit website

Does your website have social sharing buttons like ShareThis or AddThis but you find yourself wanting something more customized for a given situation?

Maybe you want a big button on your donation thank you page that encourages people to share the fact that they just supported your organization. Or one on an event reservation confirmation view to say they’re coming to your shindig. Read more »