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Global Fund for Women responds to Typhoon Haiyan with Soapbox Engage for most successful online giving campaign

In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, killing more than 6,000 and devastating villages and towns across the island nation. Global Fund for Women, a leader in advancing the rights of women and girls worldwide, moved quickly to empower their grantees in the Philippines to address the need. Using Soapbox Engage, Global Fund for Women achieved its most successful online giving effort ever in response to a crisis. Online contributions totalled more than $75,000 from donors around the world, helping devastated communities rebuild and safeguarding women and children in the aftermath of the storm. Read more »


Is your website a door or a brick wall?: Activism, social media, and responsive web design

With the current protests in Turkey and Brazil, focus is again being drawn to the role of social media in mass movements agitating for change.

Mobile-friendly channels such as YouTubeTwitter, and Facebook are being leveraged by organic groups of individuals to speak out and mobilize.

News outlets are highlighting social media’s ability to bridge national boundaries to inspire and inform groups thousands of miles away from one another – as well as confuse and muddle their messages and goals.



Tracking and analyzing mobile traffic to your website

We commented earlier on the massive explosion of mobile internet use and how it is contributing to 2013 being the year of responsive web design – responsive web design being a powerful and flexible way to make your site mobile-friendly.

How do you know if your site traffic justifies the investment in making your website mobile-friendly? If you’ve got Google Analytics tracking traffic, you’ve got ready-made reporting waiting for you. Read more »


The year of responsive web design: making your website mobile in 2013

2013 is the year of responsive web design.

Why, and what the heck is responsive web design???, you ask? Fair questions! First, the why.

Responsive design example Read more »