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PUB Crawl: Nonprofit Starter Pack Release Notes Rundown – Release 3.65 – 2/23/2016

From Household naming enhancements to data importer goodness, we’ve got some amazing updates from some amazing people with the latest amazing Nonprofit Starter Pack release. In fact, if were to sum it all up in word, we say it was, uh…


Watch the rundown to get caught up in about 60 seconds:

For the full release notes, check out the announcement in the Power of Us Hub (Salesforce login required)!


PUB Crawl: Nonprofit Starter Pack Release Notes Rundown – Release 3.64 – 2/16/2016

Another Nonprofit Starter Pack release, another installment of the PUB Crawl’s Release Notes Rundown! The updates pushed last night provide some fantastic new functionality for tracking soft credits and matching gifts within the Nonprofit Starter Pack and we just couldn’t help but gush with love and appreciation for those that made it all happen.

For the full release notes and the 20+ pages of documentation on how to make the functionality available to your Salesforce org, check out the announcement in the Power of Us Hub (Salesforce login required)!


On your mark, get set… Nonprofit Starter Pack Community Sprint!

Tomorrow, we will be hosting a gathering of community members for a Nonprofit Starter Pack Community Sprint, and we couldn’t be more excited! What’s a community sprint? It’s an event where everyone, whether accidental techie or rockstar developer, can collaborate in person to contribute to an open source project. And, oh what a great open source project the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack is! Empowering thousands of nonprofits to manage donor and supporter data, track program metrics, and do just about anything with data they need to through free or deeply discounted tools, we confess we’re massive fans and couldn’t be happier about lending a hand to help make it even better.

With the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack, your nonprofit can transform its ability to connect with supporters and advance your mission.

We’ll be giving a round up of the day’s events and accomplishments here on our blog after the keyboards are set aside and the dust settles. For now, we’ll just give a massive shout out to the fantastic community members who are giving of their own time and resources to make a contribution for the good of the nonprofit sector!


An open letter of thanks to the Foundation

The Foundation has empowered the nonprofit community for more than a decade to rock the world for social good. With Dreamforce 2014 and the big announcements they’ve made lately, we couldn’t think of a better time to offer an expression of thanks.

Join us in sharing your appreciation for the Foundation’s investment in aiding the growth of nonprofits of all sizes using We’ll present this open letter, with your name on it, to the Foundation at Dreamforce 2014!

Sign the open letter of thanks!