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Skype services fall down, as does our interoffice connectivity

SkypeWe’re big Skype lovers at PICnet. We use for interoffice calls between SF/NYC/DC, we use it for group chats, we use it for basic IMs, we take some inbound phone calls on it, and we even use it for some outbound phone calls.

This morning though, we’re all quiet.

It started with my login around 5am PT here in San Francisco. I noticed I couldn’t login to Skype, and did a restart on my laptop. Then, when I still couldn’t login, I ran to the forums to get an understanding as to what was going on. What I found was something profound in our new connected world: reports from around the world of people unable to do commerce with Skype down.

Skype has confirmed people’s fears that the login system seems to be having some major problems; however it does make me wonder about what we as a business community should be expecting when we utilize free (as in beer) services.

For now, PICnet will be a little quieter over Skype as we hop onto other IM channels for the day. Good luck to the Skype team as it battles the software bugs. As an aside, Skype should be commended for their Skype Heartbeat site, that allows users to quickly make sure Skype is up and running properly across all services.