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Online event management enhances attendee info collection – all integrating with Salesforce

What do you get when you take Soapbox Events and expand its options for collecting attendee information as part of the reservation process?

Why, online event management that’s made to order and integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.

‘Cause sometimes you just need to ask “Want fries with that?”

Oven roasted french fries
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Accepting international payments and recording them in Salesforce

Not to be too brash about it but you want money. Benjamins. Greenbacks. Paper. Cold hard cash. You want it to fund your mission. You want to spend as little of it as possible in staff time to keep track of it. And you don’t care in which country the individual giving you that money lives.

Now, neither does Soapbox. Read more »


Soapbox Donations: Brains, beauty, and strong communication skills

We like our donation forms to have the complete package: brains, beauty and strong communication skills. No games. Just tell us exactly where things stand. With our Soapbox release last night, Soapbox Donations just got a bit brainier, a bit sexier and a whole lot more communicative.

When a visitor clicks submit, the form confirms that all required information has been entered and is properly formatted. If there are elements that require the attention of the visitor, the form will slowly scroll up to the top of the page, display the message “Please confirm all required information is correct” and highlight all fields needing attention.

Take a 21 second peek to see it all come together:

What’s more, the submit button is disabled during form processing while the credit card is swiped with the payment processor and the transaction details are posted to Salesforce. That prevents the visitor from inadvertently clicking the button and making multiple transactions if that processor takes longer than they expect.

Brains, beauty, and strong communication skills. The complete package.


Hat tips to users: Great ideas implemented and pesky bugs squashed

On Tuesday, we posted an update on the latest features we tossed into our Soapbox Donations tool with its integrations with Salesforce. We also compared ourselves to Scrooge McDuck – favorably, of course. He is a lovable Disney character, after all.

Beyond the additions to Soapbox Donations, we also made some other tweaks and enhancements to the Soapbox platform. As always, we’re indebted in that effort to some great clients offering excellent ideas to implement and identifying annoying bugs to exterminate. Thanks to the following folks for their helpful contributions on both fronts: Read more »


Soapbox Donations enhancements: celebrate your freedom to get piles of cash and record it in Salesforce

We are so into money. Buckets of it. Piles of it. All for our nonprofit clients. We’re like Scrooge McDuck about this stuff.

Anything we can do to give them the power and flexibility to get more cash to rock their worlds for the social good, we’re down with. And the enhancements we just rolled into our Soapbox Donations product do just that. Here’s a taste of what they have to offer to amp up online donations strategies, particularly if that strategy uses our Salesforce integration tools: Read more »


Geo search Salesforce data from your website

Geo search Salesforce data in Non-Profit SoapboxWith the latest release of Non-Profit Soapbox, we handed our Saleforce integrations a map and, lo and behold, it turns out that Soapbox has a fine sense of direction and distance!

For any object in Salesforce with valid U.S address fields, you can now add a geo search to a Salesforce Search form. This allows visitors to drop in a zip code and a distance in miles or kilometers, click search, and see what locations in your Salesforce data fall within that geographic radius. The results can display an inset map of that location and tell the visitor how far from the given zip code the location falls.

Why would you care to do this? For as many reasons as there are points on a map, my intrepid explorer! As inspiration for this little journey, think store locator tool, or service location finder, or a tool for finding member organizations that just passed Geography class, or a search tool for funded projects across the country that Dora the Explorer would be proud of.

Interested in giving your website a good sense of direction when it comes to your Salesforce data? Talk to us. We’re happy to serve as your Lewis and Clark for exploring a whole new world of possibility.


Smarter secure payment forms and real time Salesforce integration

Non-Profit Soapbox can be your cash register. Want to accept donations or member dues or payments for event registrations without having your donor or member or attendee ever leave your site? Yep, you can do that. Our tools are tight with PayPal,, and Braintree so it all happens behind the scenes and you keep your visitor your visitor – rather than shuffling them off elsewhere.

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Soapbox and Salesforce are solid as a rock

Pick up any dime store counseling book. Listen to any celebrity psychologist on television. Call Dr. Phil personally. You’ll find out the same thing: excellent communication is the foundation of any good relationship. With some recent additions to Non-Profit Soapbox, we’re guaranteeing the relationship between Soapbox and Salesforce is solid as a rock. Read more »


Extending the power of J!Salesforce

We’ve been hard at work creating powerful tools to integrate Non-Profit Soapbox with the world-class CRM solution, Salesforce. Yesterday, we extended that a bit further by adding a couple of elegant gems.

The first is filtering Salesforce records displayed in Non-Profit Soapbox based on the Account ID of the logged in visitor. That goes along nicely with the existing ability to filter by the Contact ID of the logged in visitor. “Why would I want to do that”, you say? Good question! Let’s tackle a few concepts and existing functionality to break that down a bit into meaningful language that gets at why.

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Soapbox 2.2.0 Release: Create powerful maps to convey your message and mission

Some nonprofits stories don’t fit fully within the confines of words and sentences.  To convey the scope of their activities, they need to offer not just the what but the where.  They want to do more than tell.  They want to show.

We’re suckers for a good story and want to provide the tools you need to weave a good one.  That’s why we’ve created Soapbox Mapper, a powerful add on service for Soapbox that allows you to take your story to a whole new dimension – from north to south and east to west – with interactive and searchable maps customizable to meet your needs.

Soapbox Mapper screen shot

Interested in learning more about how Soapbox Mapper can open whole new directions for your nonprofit’s website? Check out the Soapbox Mapper overview and demo site.

Ready to chart a new direction for your site with Soapbox Mapper? Contact us today!