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Soapbox summer webinar schedule is out and accepting registrations

Interested in getting your Soapbox learnin’ on so you can manage your site better? Want to find out more about accepting donations, managing events, or integrating Salesforce with your website? Just yearning to schedule something – anything! – for every Thursday afternoon between 3 – 4 pm ET for the entire summer?

Well, head on over to our Upcoming Events page where we’ve just posted our summer webinar series. Registrations are open now for each and every webniar. They’re free. Space is limited to sign up today!


Your Cause. Your Website: Free $$$ with Google Grants

Check out our latest Knowledge Base post about using Google Grants to your advantage for some free advertising and marketing for your website and cause – because we all could use a little help spreading the word, right?

Here’s a little preview:

We like free money. The 37 cents you find in between your couch cushions. The crisp, flat dollar bill you left as a bookmark in some random novel three years ago and are just now rediscovering. The friend who pays you back that ten spot from two months back you forgot you ever loaned him. Free money is good money…

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We’re hiring a Support Account Specialist

We’re looking for a Support Account Specialist to join us in our D.C. office and deliver quality service in supporting the websites we build for our non-profit, association, and congressional clients. The individual who takes this position will be joining a dedicated and motivated team that seeks to offer the very best experience for our non-profit clients as they leverage their web presence to fulfill their missions.

Required Qualifications

We’re specifically looking for fun individuals with:

  • excellent client communications chops;
  • finely-tuned problem solving skills;
  • a natch for organizing tasks and competing priorities;
  • at least one year of experience with PHP (especially Joomla CMS experience) and MySQL;
  • bachelor’s degree;
  • experience with the non-profit community;
  • great references; and
  • a can-do attitude that focuses on delivering quality solutions.

The right applicant will not only have the basic tech qualifications, but will truly enjoy working for the non-profit sector. You’ve got to have heart. You’ve got to be passionate about public service and the social sector.

To Apply

So, if you think you fit the bill, or know someone who does, please send us your:

  1. resume
  2. cover letter
  3. salary history
  4. references

We’re hiring immediately!

jobs{ at-sign } ATTN: Ben Freda, Director of Operations

Please, NO PHONE CALLS OR FAXES. Applications will only be accepted via email. NO OUTSOURCING FIRMS OR CONSULTANTS.


Your Cause. Your Website: Tracking and Boosting Site Traffic

You’ve got your website. It’s your organization’s virtual front door. You work hard to lay out the welcome mat, tend the flower boxes, wash the windows, and offer enough content to get people inside for a heart-to-heart coffee table chat about you and your mission.

So you’ve got curb appeal. You’ve got substance. But how do you get folks into your neighborhood and knocking on your door in the first place?

Great question. Boosting traffic and attracting eyeballs to your site is key to online success. If people aren’t coming and viewing your site, it isn’t doing its job to move your mission forward.

Tracking site traffic: Knowing who’s coming to your site

The first part of improving is knowing how your site performs now. The easiest and cheapest way for assessing that is a handy tool called Google Analytics. This is free and tracks website traffic. Got some question you want to know about who and how people are visiting your site? How long the average person spends poking around? What search term they typed into Google to come across your little home away from home on the interwebs? How many people living in Burkina Faso visited your site on a Tuesday at 10:23 pm? The Google knows. It knows it all. And it will tell you – provided you’ve signed up for a free account and had us install the tracking code it provides.

No Google Analytics yet? Interested? Check out our Tips and Tricks post about tracking traffic.  You can also view an informative Google-created video there giving an overview of Analytics.

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Your Cause. Your Website: Suggestion Box

A few weeks ago, we launched the PICnet Salon Experience – a new level of support for our clients, and we’re really excited about getting that started.

We began with a post on our new and improved Knowledge Base, asking for your feedback on how we can do a better job serving you, your website and your cause. PICnet does best when we hear from you on what you want and need – so tell us – whatever it is!

Below is a quick view from our first post. In the future, we’ll be making it easier for you to see what’s happening in the PICnet support world by posting all of our updates here in addition to our support home pages.

Welcome to the first installment of Your Cause, Your Website, a regular announcement from the PICnet Support Team aimed at ensuring that your relationship with your website is a rich, happy, and productive one – and that our role in supporting that relationship is as effective and helpful as can be.

We’ll be dedicating these updates to ways in which you can unlock the full potential of your site. There’s a lot of buzz out there about what’s hip, what’s essential, what’s possible. Our task will be to cut through the hype and offer specific, clear steps for you to better leverage your online presence and further your mission. Read more


The PICnet Salon Experience

Even the most thoughtfully designed website needs some attention from time to time. Our clients’ needs change and develop, and their websites must change with them. And as we know, technology changes, too, sometimes so quickly that the next new version of something is out before you’ve barely gotten used to the current one.

So what happens when a PICnet client needs assistance with their website after it has launched? They contact the PICnet Support Team and we get their issues resolved. At PICnet, we are passionate about supporting our clients. They are more than just accounts to us – they – YOU – are our partners. We care about the issues that our clients stand for, and strive to be an integral part of their success.

We have been undergoing a philosophical metamorphosis in the PICnet Support Department over the past couple of months, further articulating what makes us unique, and we are really excited about it! It is a client-forward strategy that we like to call the PICnet Salon Experience. We understand how frustrating technical support can be. We know, because we have to interact with support from dozens of companies ourselves in our daily work. We are constantly frustrated by a lack of responsiveness, unknowledgeable support agents, confusing ticketing systems, and ultimately, unsatisfactory solutions to our problems.

PICnet is committed to being the opposite of that.

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