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Four reasons to track both client and donor data in Salesforce

One emerging approach we’ve witnessed in the nonprofit space is the manner of Salesforce adoption within organizations. Many organizations are taking a segmented approach to adoption with one department electing to use it and others not. Often the split falls between program and fundraising teams.

There are obvious reasons for this. Legacy systems are involved that vary from department to department. The reasons inspiring adoption by one team will not necessarily apply to the other. Change is difficult for one department let alone an entire organization. And Salesforce adoption is often driven by a key champion within the organization affecting a single department first rather than the entire organization.

Data silos
Photo: dsearls on Flickr

While the reasons for segmented adoption are clear, here are four compelling reasons why organizations would do well to push further to more comprehensive adoption and break out of their data silos: Read more »


Five fundraising metrics using Campaigns in Salesforce

If you’re using Salesforce to track donations, you can generate plenty of helpful fundraising metrics. These can be done across your organization and per fundraising campaign. We’ll focus on five common and critical metrics in this post. Read more »


Accepting international payments and recording them in Salesforce

Not to be too brash about it but you want money. Benjamins. Greenbacks. Paper. Cold hard cash. You want it to fund your mission. You want to spend as little of it as possible in staff time to keep track of it. And you don’t care in which country the individual giving you that money lives.

Now, neither does Soapbox. Read more »


How great leaders inspire action: Simon Sinek at TED

We’re sharing this video of Simon Sinek speaking at TED around PICnet’s virtual water cooler today. We couldn’t resist sharing it more broadly through this channel.

As a B Corporation with a mission to empower organizations through technology – a company with a why at the center of what we do that is about serving a whole lot of nonprofits with a why at the center of they do – the entire 18 minutes and 5 seconds resonated with us. Take a moment to be inspired and reconnect with your why that can inspire action and change the world.


Soapbox Donations enhancements: celebrate your freedom to get piles of cash and record it in Salesforce

We are so into money. Buckets of it. Piles of it. All for our nonprofit clients. We’re like Scrooge McDuck about this stuff.

Anything we can do to give them the power and flexibility to get more cash to rock their worlds for the social good, we’re down with. And the enhancements we just rolled into our Soapbox Donations product do just that. Here’s a taste of what they have to offer to amp up online donations strategies, particularly if that strategy uses our Salesforce integration tools: Read more »


Free cash money for D.C. nonprofit from 501cTech

Is your organization using technology to change the world? Are you in the DC Metro area? Want $7,500 cash money? Check out the 501cTECH 2012 Technology Innovation Awards and send them your best pitch. The deadline is June 25th so hop to it!

If you’re a PICnet client and you’d like to chat about a strategy for wowing them with your application, let us know!


Reason #3 to Attend the Soapbox User Summit

Only two weeks until the Non-Profit Soapbox event of the year!  Why should you attend?

Reason #3: You’ll get to meet Brad, our Support Developer Guru

To know Brad is to love him.  You’ve had the pleasure of engaging with the charming Brad Grochowski via email.  Some of you might even be lucky enough to chat with him on the phone.  Put a face to the name and meet the man behind PICnet’s smiling support desk.

Brad will be around to let you know how to get the most out of PICnet’s support service, which is really the cornerstone of the Non-Profit Soapbox model.

You’ll also get to meet the rest of the PICnet team, so register today!

Stay tuned for the next 2 reasons why you shouldn’t miss SUS12.


Reason#4 to Attend the Soapbox User Summit

The countdown continues with reason #4 to convince your boss you shouldn’t miss the upcoming Soapbox User Summit on April 19th.

Reason #4: Share tips & tricks with fellow Soapbox clients

So we know you are quite fond of reaching out to your favorite PICnetters to garner advice on non-profit tech best practice for your org’s website (and why wouldn’t you be with our 11 years of experience in the trenches), but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bounce ideas off other Soapbox clients as well?  Join us in fostering the greater Soapbox community so that you can multiply the wealth of resources you have at your disposal to make a compelling, inviting website.

At SUS12, we’ll encourage fellow Soapbox clients to share tips, tricks, and war stories so that you will walk away with a whole new arsenal to support your mission.

Register today to join the crowd.

Stay tuned for the next 3 reasons why you shouldn’t miss SUS12.


NTEN Happy Hour – Thursday, July 28, 2011

NTEN is hosting its monthly happy hour this Thursday, July 28, 2011 at Vapiano M Street. NTEN is the non-profit technology network that has groups all over the United States. The DC group meets the fourth Thursday of every month at a different location throughout the Dupont Circle area.  Not only are the happy hours a great opportunity for non-profits and accidental techies alike to get together and network, but more importantly, they can learn something too! Starting at our last happy hour (May 2011), we’ve incorporated a speaker who presents something interesting and useful about technology and how non-profits can use this technology.  Our speaker for July is Amber Manning from EchoDitto. Amber will be discussing “Doing the Math: Calculating Campaign Success.”  I know I’m looking forward to it!

Need More Details? Read more »


Welcome Our Newest PICnetter – Lauren Grau

Last month, we hired Lauren Grau as our new Business Development Associate. Lauren will be in our San Francisco Office joining our Project Manager, Melanie, there (yay for more than one person in an office), and working on fostering relationships with current as well as new clients. We’re excited to have her on the PICnet team!

Lauren jumped right into her work in May with some client meetings, proposal writings, and attending our annual PICnet Retreat (held this year in the beautiful Lake Tahoe area).

Lauren is new to the San Francisco area and actually worked in Washington, DC for three years prior to moving to the West Coast earlier this year. She enjoys a plethora of activities ranging from sailing the bay to mastering new food recipes, and is always on the hunt for the next big adventure.  A self-proclaimed “accidental techie,” we have no doubt she’ll fit right in at PICnet and will be able to bring in new business and exciting projects for the rest of 2011 and beyond!