Arkus becomes latest Soapbox Engage Partner

Arkus logoA hearty welcome to the good folks over at Arkus, latest Soapbox Engage Salesforce Partner and provider of “ethical & fiscally responsible business services to organizations of any size.” Given that we’re down with both the ethical and fiscally responsible parts of that phrase, we do believe we’re in good company!

If your firm is interested in becoming a certified Soapbox Engage Partner, check out the Soapbox Engage Partner program details and submit your application today!


Tracking URLs for Soapbox Engage empower nonprofits to measure marketing success in Salesforce

Nonprofit marketer, Soapbox Engage just made your brain a lot mightier!

Let’s say you’ve got a campaign for which you’re hoping to drive traffic to your website and capture conversions. In other words, you’re trying to get folks to DO something once they hit your website: Give you money, buy some swag, register for an event.

You get the idea.

You’re tweeting and Facebooking and blogging and all around shouting about it. But how do you know which of those efforts are producing the best results? Or no results? Read more »


Global Fund for Women mobilizes thousands within days with Soapbox Petitions and Salesforce

Global Fund for Women, a leader in advancing the rights of women and girls worldwide, is using Soapbox Petitions to mobilize thousands of supporters around the globe on behalf of survivors of rape in conflict areas such as eastern Congo and Syria.

Global Fund for Women petition

Soapbox Petitions, the latest app in the Soapbox Engage online engagement platform, provides real-time integration with Salesforce for the capturing of supporter data and a mobile-friendly user experience to facilitate action on any device. Read more »


Why the best nonprofits are like Lionel Messi

Among the international soccer talent that much of the planet is obsessively following with each dribble, pass, and shot of the World Cup stands a 5’7″ Argentine who many consider the best player of his generation, if not of all-time.

Here are three traits that make Lionel Messi superb, and that the best nonprofits share with him.

Lionel Messi, Argentina

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Banner Alzheimer’s Institute uses Soapbox Mailer to connect people and research to end Alzheimer’s

Banner Alzheimers Institute logoThe Banner Alzheimer’s Institute is working to end Alzheimer’s, a disease reaching epidemic proportions that affects one in nine Americans over age 65.

To do so, they use Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce to tackle one of the most significant challenges:

“We needed a way to keep people up to date on the latest information in Alzheimer’s research and connect them to prevention-related studies taking place in their communities,” says Jessica Langbaum, Ph.D., Associate Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative.

Learn more
about how Soapbox Mailer is providing the necessary tools for communicating with key constituents about Alzheimer’s research and prevention-related studies.

Read the Success Story >>


Confluence flows into Soapbox Engage Partner program

Confluence logoWe’re happy to announce that the folks over at Confluence have become the latest Soapbox Engage Partner!

Confluence has done more than 50 Salesforce implementations of all shapes and sizes, from QuickStarts to more complicated roll outs. We’re happy to team up with Confluence to supercharge the mission of nonprofits by integrating their Salesforce instances with the Soapbox Engage online engagement suite!

If your firm is interested in becoming a certified Soapbox Engage Partner, check out the Soapbox Engage Partner program details and submit your application today!


Partnership brews between Percolator Consulting and Soapbox Engage

percolator-logoToday just got a bit perkier as the Soapbox Engage Partner family got a jolt with the addition of Percolator Consulting.

By way of introduction, here’s a little snippet of what they’re all about:

We combine old school organizing and fundraising know-how with the power and flexibility of Salesforce to turn your organization into an engagement powerhouse.

What’s more, they believe that “the right strategy and tools, in the right hands, can change the world.” We are so down with that idea we can barely sit still, and that’s not just from the caffeine.

If your firm is interested in becoming a certified Soapbox Engage Partner, check out the Soapbox Engage Partner program details and submit your application today!


Numbers, consistency, and online petitions: what they mean for your nonprofit and its ladder of engagement

Let’s talk numbers, shall we?

To start, let’s grab the number 1.92. 1.92 is the number of times more likely someone signing an online petition is to donate to a similar cause after signing. This was quantified by researchers Yu-Hao Lee and Gary Hsieh in their study Does Slacktivism Hurt Activism?: The Effects of Moral Balancing and Consistency in Online Activism.

So, I sign your online petition, I am then almost twice as likely as someone who didn’t sign that petition to give money to a cause that is similar to yours.

Notice that didn’t read “give money to your organization”. Mark that. It’ll be on the quiz later.


The researchers also found that I’m more likely to take other actions in support of similar causes after signing your petition, provided those actions don’t cost me much.

A great example: signing another online petition. Read more »


Salesforce user integration enhancements for clean data, happy visitors

With the user integration add on for Soapbox Engage, you are able to allow visitors to register for web user accounts which are connected to Contact records in Salesforce, opening up powerful self-service options that will delight your visitors and save you time.

Upon login, these users can be granted access to special content, members-only tickets, review and update their Contact and Account information in Salesforce, view donation, dues or event registration history, and much more!

Salesforce user manager screenshot

The latest release of Soapbox has enhanced the control Soapbox administrators have over the registration and login process. These enhancements help to keep Salesforce data clean, visitors happy, and staff notified of pertinent updates.

If your nonprofit is interested in delighting your visitors and saving time by linking web user accounts with Salesforce Contacts, contact us!


Ozimek named Salesforce MVP for second straight year

Spring is here. The flowers are in bloom. And the annual Salesforce MVP class is announced.

A hearty huzzah and congrats to our very own CEO and Co-founder, Ryan Ozimek, for being named a Salesforce MVP two years running.

Ryan Ozimek, Salesforce MVP

Well deserved, Ryan. Well deserved.

Feel free to tweet congrats to him at @cozimek. Or feel free to tweet some snarky or snide remark. He’ll appreciate that, too.