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The doctors are in at NTC 2011

Sometimes you see challenges and new opportunities in life and you think to yourself, “I really need to find a daytime television show with doctors that will help solve all my anxieties and generally make me a better person”.  Well, that’s not exactly what we’ll be providing at the Non-Profit Technology Conference on Saturday…but it’s close!

Dr. Tim Forbes* and Dr. Ryan Oz…imek* will be sharing our knowledge from years of practice in website medicine at the “What to expect when expecting…a website” session (must be logged in to the NTC site to see this) at this year’s NTC in Washington DC.  This will be one of 15 rare Online NTC livestream video sessions as well, so we’ll make sure to be fully engaged for the online community as well.  Someone call makeup!

Here’s our official blurb on the session from the NTC website.

Session Overview

Congratulations, your web redesign/redevelopment budget was approved by your board of directors, and you’ve fallen in love with your new web consultant.  Now what?  This session will walk you through the typical phases of a web development project, providing you a roadmap to help prepare you for the process, the potential pitfalls, and areas to look to for success.  Additionally, this session will provide you with the warning signs of a budget-busting trajectory and prepare you to avoid time-crunch finishes.

Session Takeaways

1) Understand the 6 key phases of any web development project 2) Warning signs of a project that’s on a budget-busting trajectory 3) Ways to keep your organization, and your consultant, on-time

So, the doctors are in!  Add this session to your agenda (must be logged into the NTC site), and we’ll see you there!

* The FDA has not approved this language. Neither Tim nor Ryan are real doctors, but they’ll play them in this session.