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Why foundations should work with B Corporations

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Yesterday, our fellow B Corporation member Arabella Advisors, wrote a great blog by Ginger Elsea about Why Foundations Should Care About B Corps.  She laid out the fantastic case for why foundations that are looking to increase their investing portfolio’s diversity should invest in B Corporations.  As she wrote, “As more foundations pursue impact investing—channeling funds to for-profit businesses that also advance a social mission—B Corp certification can serve as a useful starting point in identifying such businesses.”

We’re big proponents of “if you’re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk”, so her words definitely ring true to us at PICnet.

What about taking this a step further though?  What if foundations not only invested in similarly socially-conscious organizations, they also did business with these well-aligned businesses as well?  With the parent non-profit organization of B Corporation, B Lab, continuing to certify and play a watchful eye on the B Corporation community, foundations have a partner that can assist them in finding the best companies to provide them needed services and products.

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