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Q&A: How nonprofits can leverage celebrity endorsements to raise money and further their missions

The Coast Guard Foundation made waves when it landed the celebrity endorsement of Sig Hansen, Deadliest Catch star, on the show Celebrity Apprentice. We sit down with Jennifer Fyk, Senior Director of Communications for the Foundation, to ask how nonprofits can leverage celebrity endorsements to further their missions and how using Soapbox for their website empowers them to get the most out of this unique opportunity.

Jennifer Fyk, Coast Guard Foundation
Q&A with Jennifer Fyk
Senior Director of Communications,
Coast Guard Foundation

Q: Why did Sig Hansen choose to support the Coast Guard Foundation?

A: As a crab fisherman who makes his living in the rough seas of Alaska, Sig Hansen is personally familiar with the life-saving work that the U.S. Coast Guard does on a daily basis. Once he learned there was a way to give back to the men and women of the Coast Guard by supporting the Coast Guard Foundation, it was a perfect fit.

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