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Why you should use a CRM for your nonprofit

Helping build membership is a great way CRM can help nonprofits.

Helping build membership is a great way a CRM can help nonprofits.

Nonprofit organizations are a hard-working bunch. Whether it's maintaining a strong network of contacts with donors and members, or writing up requests for the sake of winning grants from government and philanthropic organizations, there's so much to do. It takes a lot of effort to keep things rolling, but if you work for a nonprofit, you probably persevere because you believe in your group's mission and goals. Being more organized may greatly help you perform better at and handle outreach in a way that comforts your organization's supporters. Sometimes it helps to take a few pages from big companies in how they handle their customers, in other words: through customer relationship management software.

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B Lab leads the way with Salesforce-powered search directories

Benefit Corporations are no stranger to being ahead of the curve, and that especially true for B Lab’s new website that spotlights these trailblazing organizations. For those of you who haven’t heard the word about Benefit Corporations, they are a “new class” of corporation that are re-imagining the way that business does business in order to affect positive change in the world.

If you’d like to see a list of this growing community of socially responsible businesses, the new website will grant that wish. And given that their Benefit Corp search directory is fed live from B Lab’s CRM database—— you’ll be able to see the list automagically grow almost before your eyes as more and more organizations join the ranks. Read more »


Leading the fight to provide effective, affordable tools for non-profits

Ask any economist, and you’ll likely hear the same response:  as markets mature, consolidation tends to occur.  So, while it’s big news, it’s not necessarily surprising to hear today’s announcement that Blackbaud is purchasing Convio.  These two publicly traded corporations have been in the non-profit technology space for a long time, and I congratulate their boards on coming to such an important agreement.

Now, let’s get to the real business at hand:  what can be done now to ensure technology service prices go down, not up, in an era of mega consolidation?  Our answer:  a fresh approach with a dose of healthy competition.

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