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Google Checkout to be retired in November…now what?

On Monday, Google announced that it will retire Google Checkout in November 2013.

Google Checkout
What does that mean for organizations using Google Checkout to accept online payments? As Google notes: Read more »


Setting up Authorship for your website with Google+: What to expect and how long it takes

We posted a great little tidbit the other day regarding the authorship service available to Google+ Profile owners and how it can help increase traffic to your site.

By following Google’s instructions for verifying authorship of content on a website, search results will display your Google+ Profile headshot and a link to other content you’ve written, increasing the likelihood that your link will get clicked:


We followed the instructions provided by Google for our own blog and can report back the following: Read more »


Increase your website readership with rich snippets for Google search results

Google LogoI’ve often found my self saying the words, “technology is not a panacea”, whenever I hear organizations looking to focus what I think are excessive energy on search engine optimization.  My thoughts have been that spending that time and money on writing great content, rather than trying to manipulate search engine rankings.

But what if a simple technology switch could more effectively highlight your organization’s website content in search engine results, and thereby make it more likely that visitors would click on your links rather than others? And what if the solution was easy and affordable?

I figure you’d probably try it.

So, what’s this differentiator you can implement immediately for your website?  It’s called Rich Snippets.

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Google on SEO: What’s good for users is good for search engines

From time to time, non-profits come to us wondering what they can do to improve their search engine standings. We recently came across a great video straight from the horse’s mouth, specifically Matt Cutts of Google, that serves as a great reminder of what is really the secret behind good search results—good websites! Watch this video to see what we mean, but here are a few spoilers: Read more »


Tools we love: Google for Non-Profits 

In addition to some of the work we do for clients like site redesigns, upgrades, migrations to Non-Profit Soapbox or Joomla and custom applications, we also like finding cool tools for our clients and partners to use in whatever way works best for them. We’ve written about website, databases, applications, webinars, conferences and more in the past. Today’s cool tool is a combination of many resources – Google. Oh, just Google? you might be thinking. Well, duh, we use Google Docs and Gmail and Google Calendar.

But hold on, don’t click away yet. You might use some of Google’s basic features, but have you really looked into what they do for non-profits? Read on a little more and you’ll see some of the great resources at your fingertips – all through Google.

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