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Google Checkout to be retired in November…now what?

On Monday, Google announced that it will retire Google Checkout in November 2013.

Google Checkout
What does that mean for organizations using Google Checkout to accept online payments? As Google notes: Read more »


Convio Common Ground Refugee Countdown: What’s your plan for March 30, 2014 shut down?

With March nearly upon us, the year countdown will begin for Common Ground Refugees to find new homes for their constituent relationship management (CRM) system before the March 30, 2014 shut off of their services with Convio Common Ground – a shut off date that means you will no longer have access your CRM unless you have a current contract extending beyond that date.

What’s your plan for your nonprofit ahead of the March 30, 2014 shut down?


If you’re in need of one, our Convio Common Ground Refugee Assistance Email Hotline is at your disposal.

And take some time to consider the three questions each Convio Common Ground Refugee should be asking themselves as they consider alternatives that will serve their nonprofit into the future.

We’d also encourage you to review our Soapbox Engage Partners for a list of folks who can help with your migration to a new system.

Photo credit: Bill David Brooks on Flickr


VIDEO: B Corporation website features dynamic, visually-compelling Salesforce integration

B Corporation logoWe shared awhile back about the flexibility Soapbox provides in displaying Salesforce records within your website. We featured some snaps of Fozzy Bear to give a glimpse of how your Salesforce data can come alive on the web page.

Well, move over Fozzy. The B Corporation website sets a whole new standard for dynamic, visually-compelling Salesforce integration.

Take the Soapbox Two-Minute Tour in this video to see how those integrations power a directory of Certified B Corporations: Read more »


Interwebs unite!: Tying together your nonprofit social media and website channels

Social media logosThere are so many ways to promote your organization online today.  Indeed, you may be returning to work with a raft of 2013 resolutions to do just that.

Social communities have exploded over the past few years.  In working with our clients in the Support Department as well as promoting my own after-work projects, I know it feels like you have to be everywhere at once.  It seems that if you aren’t taking advantage of every angle, then you are missing something. But just try to keep up with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, LinkedIn, Feedburner, the new MySpace and on and on and on… not to mention your own website… it can be exhausting.

So get smart about it. Read more »


Alternatives for Convio Common Ground Refugees

For those hit by the news from Blackbaud last week that Convio Common Ground will be discontinued in 2014, the pressing question at hand is the same that any refugee faces: where to now?

In considering options, there are three important aspects of the move to take into account: 1) which CRM platform should be my new home?; 2) how will I move and who can help?; and 3) how will that CRM platform integrate with my website? Read more »


Free hug and penguin for Convio Common Ground Refugees at Dreamforce

Last week, we announced the creation of the Convio Common Ground Refugee Email Hotline. We’re been proud of our operators currently standing by at to assist those in need. And, with Dreamforce around the corner, we want to take the opportunity to offer emotional support as well to these displaced peoples.

A free hug and penguin will be given to all Convio Common Ground refugees attending Dreamforce. Just stop by the Soapbox Engage booth in the Foundation Zone at Moscone West Level 3. Phil Penn Gwynn, our three and a half foot tall inflatable friend and non-profit accidental techie, feels your pain, understands your plight, and will fit neatly into your carry on.

Free hug and penguin for Convio Common Ground Refugees


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B Lab leads the way with Salesforce-powered search directories

Benefit Corporations are no stranger to being ahead of the curve, and that especially true for B Lab’s new website that spotlights these trailblazing organizations. For those of you who haven’t heard the word about Benefit Corporations, they are a “new class” of corporation that are re-imagining the way that business does business in order to affect positive change in the world.

If you’d like to see a list of this growing community of socially responsible businesses, the new website will grant that wish. And given that their Benefit Corp search directory is fed live from B Lab’s CRM database—— you’ll be able to see the list automagically grow almost before your eyes as more and more organizations join the ranks. Read more »