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The mysterious (not provided) keyword tracking in Google Analytics

In the past few months at PICnet, we’ve been focusing heavily on increasing our marketing efforts, particularly in our blog.  Just as we do for most top-level programs, we’ve set goals, take regular measurements, analyze the results in detail, the rinse and repeat.  Our tool of trade for building our metrics for success is Google Analytics, and it’s been serving us amazingly well.

As we’re seeing further increases in traffic, we’re interested in knowing what people were searching when they found our site.  Knowing that information allows us to better define our content strategies for the future, and give us a sense of what content is most interesting to those searching for answers online.

It seems, however, that the most popular search keyword, by huge margins, is “(not provided)”.  And when I say huge margins, I mean it’s 58x more popular a keyword than number two.  What is this “(not provided)” keyword in Google , and why are we getting so much traffic from it?

Google Analytics (not provided)

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