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Consider supporting a Soapbox organization on #GivingTuesday

On the eve of #GivingTuesday, we wanted to highlight the great work Soapbox organizations and friends are doing around the world to make more truth shine, more peace reign, more hungry folks fed – and more of so much more.

Giving Tuesday 2014

Photo credit: #GivingTuesday

Check out the latest Tweets from some of those organizations and friends and learn how you can help them in their efforts. Read more »


#GivingTuesday shout out to clients and friends rocking the world for social good

As folks all around the nation participate in what has become an annual tradition in #GivingTuesday, we wanted to highlight some great friends and clients doing wonderful work in the world.

GivingTuesday unselfie

Photo credit: #GivingTuesday

Check out the latest Tweets from some of those clients and friends and learn how you can help them in their efforts. Read more »


Our Clients Rock: Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition

At PICnet, we love what we do. Deeply. And the prime numero uno reason for this is that we work with great clients who are rocking the world for social good.

We’re happy to share the second in our occasional series of personal little love notes from a PICnetter to one of our clients. Julie Dennis sends this out to the good folks at the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition.

Who is the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition?

The logo-asocAntarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC) was founded in 1978 initially to expose negotiations on minerals, gas, and oil that could pose potential dangers to the Antarctic and Southern Oceans.

Now ASOC also addresses issues related to tourism, climate change, and shipping and is the main NGO voice for Antarctic environmental protection.

Antarctica Trip 2001 Read more »


Soapbox Engage with QuickStart for Salesforce: Easy and fast roll out of the Nonprofit Starter Pack

Is your nonprofit fighting a data management monster? Do you have contact information for donors and members and volunteers and supporters strewn about in a sea of sticky notes and spreadsheets?

Watch how Soapbox Engage and QuickStart for Salesforce pack a powerful one-two punch to K.O. your data management monster – with Exponent Partners, our Soapbox Engage Partner, moving your nonprofit into the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack in just two short weeks! Read more »


Mobile Apps and Your Nonprofit: NTEN Happy Hour, Thursday, 2/28

Mobile apps are all the rage, and since I consider myself a fashionable person, I wanted to make sure one of my NTEN Happy Hours focused on this technology. Luckily, that was very easy with the help of Compuware. Compuware, a tech company focusing on software and best practices services, is sponsoring the February 2013 NTEN happy hour.  Eric Fishman, Senior Director of Information Services & Strategies at the American Psychiatric Association and a client of Compuware’s, will be our speaker. More details below:

What: NTEN February 2013 Happy Hour When: Thursday, February 28, 2013 Where: Buffalo Billiards (1330 19th Street, NW) – we’ll be in the Patio Room Time: 6:00 pm Topic: Eric Fishman will be discussing mobile app development for the American Psychiatric Association

Be sure to RSVP so I can make sure there are enough snacks for all. I hope you can join us!


Thanks for the NTEN memories, Sarah!

As the NTEN Happy Hour Coordinator here in DC, I rely on the support of my NTEN contact, Sarah Janczak, to help me market our monthly happy hours, reimburse funds spent on the event, and supply me with awesome NTEN swag to pass out at said event.  Since taking over the NTEN Happy Hours in November of 2010, Sarah has been a constant source of support and encouragement in making my events a success. I’m so thankful that I had the chance to get to know Sarah and work with her on an (almost) weekly basis.

That being said, I’m so saddened (for me) but excited (for her) to see Sarah leave NTEN after four wonderful years. She’ll be going on to an awesome position PwC Advisory in Austin, Texas. You can read about her new adventure here. I’m sure it’ll be  an amazing experience for her, one that she can thank NTEN for helping her acquire.

Thanks again, Sarah, for all the fabulous NTEN memories. Best of luck in the future!


More mobile, more money: Five essentials for increasing nomadic conversions

We dig the good folks at Pew Internet. They do some great research to uncover important trends in this, our wired world. Take some numbers from a post summarizing a recent report of theirs:

“Nearly half (46%) of American adults are smartphone owners as of February 2012, an increase of 11 percentage points over the 35% of Americans who owned a smartphone last May. Two in five adults (41%) own a cell phone that is not a smartphone, meaning that smartphone owners are now more prevalent within the overall population than owners of more basic mobile phones.”

Not shocking news, eh? Yeah, we didn’t think so. This tidbit from another study by Pew Internet won’t be either but the percentages may surprise you: Read more »


We are the 99%: extending the benefits of nonprofit tech beyond the few

we are the 99 % percent -occupy wallstreetIt is startling what technology can do as we begin 2012. The rate at which data can move and systems can be connected is astonishing. The potential for harnessing this to create positive social change is compelling and inspiring.

And then you look at the price tags being charged to leverage all of this fancy, powerful stuff. It can be staggering. It isn’t uncommon for us to attend conferences and sit in rooms with panel discussions showing off a nonprofit’s custom-built solution to integrate their website, constituent relationship management system, email marketing platform, and other communication channels. The screenshots are slick. The crowd is wowed. The mind races with the possibilities for one’s own organization.

Until the price tag is quoted. It’s usually toward the end of the presentation. It’s often mentioned almost as an afterthought.

“We paid $100,000 to a web development firm just for the front end web interface. The CRM setup was separate.”

Or, “we raised $200,000 for this implementation.”

Staggering. And everyone leaves the room feeling as if they live in a two-room shack and just watched an episode of Cribs that highlighted what they can never have. It’s all great and impressive and inspiring – but the real question rolling around in everyone’s head as they hit the hallway to go to the next session is:

“Damn! How in the world could they raise six figures for a web project?!?”

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Easy to use + easy on the eyes = easy to update!

Not feeling inspired to add new content to your website? Don’t let a difficult platform get in your way! Our Non-Profit Soapbox CMS was designed for accidental techies like you so that you can leave your troubles behind and focus on what’s important—adding fresh, engaging content for your audience!

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Read more »


Tools we love: Google for Non-Profits 

In addition to some of the work we do for clients like site redesigns, upgrades, migrations to Non-Profit Soapbox or Joomla and custom applications, we also like finding cool tools for our clients and partners to use in whatever way works best for them. We’ve written about website, databases, applications, webinars, conferences and more in the past. Today’s cool tool is a combination of many resources – Google. Oh, just Google? you might be thinking. Well, duh, we use Google Docs and Gmail and Google Calendar.

But hold on, don’t click away yet. You might use some of Google’s basic features, but have you really looked into what they do for non-profits? Read on a little more and you’ll see some of the great resources at your fingertips – all through Google.

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