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Free seminar on website integration with Salesforce in Seattle


If you’re in the Seattle area and want to learn about ways your Salesforce database can be integrated with your website, look no further.  On Tuesday (December 11, 2012) from 4pm – 5:30pm PT, I’ll be joining Meghan Morrison from Swift River Consulting and Deb Twersky from 4Culture for a free presentation to the Seattle Nonprofit Salesforce User Group in downtown Seattle to share our lessons learned to help you raise more money and gain more supporters online with Salesforce.

This will be a great opportunity to see and hear some of the hottest ways to help your organization integrate your online fundraising, event management, mass email communications, and much more with Salesforce.  From homegrown solutions to our Soapbox Engage service, you’ll walk out with actionable knowledge that you can use the next day to help your organization become more efficient at online engagement.

If you’d like a deeper dive, and you’re in Seattle on Tuesday, drop me an email and I’d be happy to talk through your online engagement challenges with Salesforce, and see what we can knock out over a cup of coffee.


Three ways to improve data cleanliness for your donor database

Data cleanliness and data integrity.  Ah, such fun things to work on, right?  Kind of like spring cleaning, but for some reason all the more frustratingly painful.  Since spring is coming early here in North America, we thought it could be useful to share some new insights we’ve had on this topic of data cleanliness, especially for inbound data to Salesforce.

A few of us penguins worked through this last night and today as we’re gearing up for a new release of our Soapbox Engage products, and I thought I’d share some of the highlights of a good brainstorming session that could be useful for others thinking about matching rules.

Our discussions generally broke down into three main areas:

1) Matching scenarios to keep in mind

2) Matching rules

3) Data updating rules

Let’s dive in to our best practices…

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