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Improving the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack API

Imagine if you’re a third-party developer creating integrations with the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP).  Right now, you need to build services on your own that manage the routing of data, creates matching between inbound data and existing data in the NPSP, and much more.  With the NPSP spread across multiple Salesforce packages, integrations for donations, event registrations, and more can be quite cumbersome.

What if instead, the NPSP had a pre-built set of APIs that you could tap into, providing you a landing zone for your inbound data.  A location where you needed to know little-to-nothing about the NPSP, but your organizational clients could know that their data was being properly routed to its own home.

Well my friends, a few good folks from the NPSP developer sprint in DC this week have started to make this happen.  Life as we know it for ISVs will become much better.

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What’s missing in Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack?

While there’s healthy discussion happening in the Nonprofit Practitioners user group, an area that isn’t highlighted enough is new ideas for the Nonprofit Starter Pack.  I don’t mean just feature ideas for fundraising, donations, case management, etc.  I’m talking about bug reports, bug fixes, documentation, tutorials, translations, and more.

With such a great community of users and implementers, this seems like a missed opportunity.

During chats at the Nonprofit Developer Sprint in DC this week, Salesforce Foundation staff  made it clear that they welcome community support in a variety of contexts, including ideas that can make the software itself better.  Hence, the Foundation’s fantastic support of events like this week’s sprint.  The challenge, it seems, is that there hasn’t been a path to community engagement in the form of cultivating new feature ideas, bug fixes, documentation, etc.

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