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What it takes to make giving feel good

Considering it's the holiday season, it only makes sense that people seem more than willing to give money to their favorite cause or charity. Their donations help you pursue your organization's mission by funding operations, run campaigns that raise awareness for your cause and expand your outreach. With that said, people donate for various reasons other than to provide you help. One reason is that, quite simply, giving feels good. When running your holiday campaign or any other fundraiser, make sure your supporters are happy making a donation. This seems obvious, but this sort of thinking will help ensure they feel more inclined to give more with greater frequency. You're building a relationship with the constituent by making them feel good, and when you use nonprofit CRM software to manage their donations and support, you can make them feel better.

Giving makes people feel warm and fuzzy

Studies have consistently shown that donating money to a charitable cause is heavily tied to positive emotions, including happiness. The Non Profit Times recently cited a study by Harris Interactive on people's emotions when they donated. The results showed that 60 percent of people who donated felt hopeful their contribution is making a difference. Forty-eight percent stated giving makes them feel satisfied, while 43 percent said it makes them excited.


5 simple improvements to your donation form that will increase online giving

As your nonprofit ramps up efforts for its end-of-year giving campaign, here are five easy improvements that you can make today to your donation form to increase online giving – all in under five minutes!

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What Apple Pay means for nonprofit online donations

With Apple’s much anticipated product announcement today heralding the iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch came news of Apple Pay which the company touts will “change how you pay”. Working with the three major credit card services, American Express, Mastercard, and Visa, it promises a simple and secure alternative to paying with plastic. Read more »


Four reasons to choose Braintree as payment processor for your nonprofit donations

Braintree logoWith our Soapbox platform offering online payments for donations and events, we’ve had occasion to chat with nonprofits about various payment processors to choose from. PayPal and are two of the three that work with Soapbox. They are well-known and have a raft of opinions associated with them. Some good and some bad.

The third payment processor Soapbox interfaces with is Braintree, an option lesser known in the nonprofit space. And, while we’re not looking to endorse any single provider, Braintree is worthy of consideration for some very good reasons: Read more »