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Happy 11th birthday, us!

NTEN's PICnet Penguin

My goodness, time certainly does fly by. Today, PICnet marks its 11th birthday, and we’re excited to celebrate it with our growing community of non-profit and socially responsible business clients.

Heading into our 12th year, we’re hot on the pioneering trail with a number of new products, including updates to our Soapbox Engage service and the new Soapbox Mailer. This is all part of our efforts to make technology affordable and accidental-techie friendly so that organizations can be more efficient.

Before you send us a big bouquet of congratulations flowers, brand new hybrid vehicles, or eco-friendly private jets as celebratory gifts, we’ve got another gift in mind…

Support the Penguin Fund!

If you have a PICnet penguin in your office, if you’ve ever participated in NTEN community efforts, or if you want to celebrate PICnet’s birthday without going through the hassle of buying us all new hybrid cars, please support NTEN’s scholarship fund to help send 50 organizations to the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference.

Thanks to all our clients, partners, PICnetters, friends, and family who have supported us during the past 11 years.  Here’s to another year of innovation, penguin fun, success…and eye-poking at over-priced competitors.