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Introducing PICnet’s Newest Team Member

MarisaHello PICnet Community, I am so excited to introduce myself to you! My name is Marisa and I’ve just joined the PICnet team to help you as our Professional Services Manager.

I have been in your shoes! Having spent the majority of my career as a fundraiser with tech sprinkled in, I understand. I’ve worked for large and small organizations attempting to do more with less and I’ve been on the client-side of implementing a new website and software.

Early on, I knew I wanted to be in the nonprofit world, and I observed first-hand the lack of in-house technical support and knowledge. So, I purposely went after a degree in Information Technology knowing that if I could combine technical know-how with fundraising savvy, I could do wonders for the missions I supported. I’m thrilled to translate that concept to support the PICnet community and help you do the same for your organizations.

Fun facts about me:

  • I grew up just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana and Britney Spears and I were in the same dance class at 4 years old.
  • I lived in New Mexico the exact same timespan as the filming of Breaking Bad.
  • I’ve taken up running and finished a ten-mile race in 2015 (and am training to do it again in 2016).
  • I’ve played adult kickball in three different NFL stadiums.

I can’t wait to get to know you and support you!


Derek, A Brief Introduction

Derek Hello! My name is Derek and I am proud to say that I am the newest addition to the PICnet team. Today officially marks my second day with the PICnet crew in Washington, DC as a Project Manager, and I could not be more excited to be a PICnetter! I am very much looking forward to helping our clients build and manage their Soapbox sites.

I am yet another accidental techie in the ranks here at PICnet, having been exposed to the tech world during my AmeriCorps VISTA service term last year. I am a surfer at heart and I love the outdoors and eating burritos. Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite things:

  1. Fast Company – my source for all things innovative and tech
  2. The Surfer’s Journal – this is how I fulfill my desire to be in the ocean while living in DC; incredible publication with extremely high quality articles and photography
  3. Permaculture/Resiliency – my vision for the future, design governed by principles found in nature
  4. Good – my “go-to” for inspirational ideas that have an impact
  5. Dawes – my favorite band right now and in my opinion, some of the best songwriters in the business today


PICnet at the StartingBloc Institute for Social Innovation

I promise the reason I left dreary Washington, D.C. behind for 5 days in Los Angeles wasn’t just that it was 70 degrees in mid-February.  Rather, it was the chance to connect with 100 young social innovators from around the world all convening in Santa Monica to discuss trends in social entrepreneurship.  Okay, so the weather didn’t hurt, but I swear it was the chance to learn and grow as a social entrepreneur that inspired me to go.

I was honored to be selected as a StartingBloc fellow, and am incredibly grateful to PICnet for supporting my attendance at their social innovation summit.  In attendance were social entrepreneurs representing six continents, multiple countries, numerous sectors and cause areas, and myriad life experiences.  What connected us all, though, was our passion to employ the toolkit of entrepreneurship to improving the world around us.  From the social entrepreneur addressing sanitation issues in slums in his native India, to a recently-returned Haiti volunteer dedicating his career to teaching others the Creole language to promote cross-cultural communication, the ideas were big, and the action even bigger. Read more »