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5 simple improvements to your donation form that will increase online giving

As your nonprofit ramps up efforts for its end-of-year giving campaign, here are five easy improvements that you can make today to your donation form to increase online giving – all in under five minutes!

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Project Management Quick Tip: Develop a start and end of week routine

This is the first of an occasional PICnet blog series: Project Management Quick Tip. These quick tips are lessons that we Project Managers have learned in our work to keep things on time, on budget, and most importantly, to make sure that we have happy clients.

We, the PICnet Project Management team, may not be perfect but we are constantly pursuing greatness – yes, greatness! We offer these tips from lessons learned in that pursuit.

Here’s our first quick tip that will hopefully help you in your own project management work:

Develop a start and end of the week (and day) routine

My to do list is healed and in use!

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Demystifying bounce rates

If you, like me, have ever ever scratched your head, dropped your jaw, or clenched your fist at that mysterious “bounce rate” figure in your site analytics, take a look at this fantastic article called “How-to: Improve Your Site’s Bounce Rate (Intro to Google Analytics Advanced Filtering” from the good people at NTEN.

This article will help you understand not only what bounce rates are, but how they are relevant to your site’s success and how you can improve them in a meaningful way.

We learned a lot and know you will too!