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PUB Crawl: Nonprofit Starter Pack Release Notes Rundown – Release 3.62 – 1/29/2016

With the PUB Crawl, we aim to make your life easier by packaging all the best of the Power of Us Hub into one handy weekly email.

Well, we’re taking another step in your life easing effort! For those who think reading is totally overrated, we’re rolling out the first installment of the PUB Crawl: Nonprofit Starter Pack Release Notes Rundown. Within about 60 seconds, you’ll hear the latest additions and updates to the Nonprofit Starter Pack, the open source, community-driven, CRM engine powering many-a nonprofit’s social change-making engines.

This inaugural installment runs down the details of Release 3.62 as shared by Jason Lantz of plus tosses in a few little extras of our own. So belly up to the PUB Crawl bar and hear the barkeep share the latest news: Read more »


PUB Crawl for October 19, 2015

Welcome to the second edition of the PUB Crawl! I’ll be sharing the top items discussed in the Salesforce Foundation’s Power of Us Hub (“PUB”). Why? Well, I’m reading the entire PUB anyway, so I figured, heck why not pass some kernels of knowledge to my amigos?

Let’s belly-up, and dive right into it!

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What is the Salesforce Lightning Experience and should I enable it for my organization?

The Salesforce Lightning Experience is a slick new user interface layered on top of your existing Salesforce account that focuses on allowing sales teams (or development and fundraising teams in our nonprofit community) to work and close opportunities faster. It is generally available as a feature that can be enabled by Salesforce administrators starting with the Winter ’16 release.

If enabled for users, they will see a new link under their user menu to “Switch to the Lightning Experience”. This will load a whole new beautiful interface for viewing and interacting with your Salesforce data. If they need to switch back to Salesforce Classic, they can do so by clicking on “Switch to Salesforce Classic” from under their user menu (accessible in the Lightning Experience by clicking on the user avatar).

To enable or not to enable, that is the question.

The Lightning Experience is tremendously cool, there’s no doubt about it. It offers tons of neat new functionality and a beautiful interface that makes data look just oh so much friendlier and more impressive. It also includes great enhancements for list views, report filters, inline email, enhanced notes, etc. You can read more about how great it is here. However! The new stuff is so sexy and compelling that it’s easy to miss some of the fine print about what’s not included yet, and some of the missing things are pretty critical! Because of the amount of things not supported yet, we’re considering this Winter ’16 release an “admin release” that allows Salesforce administrators to be able to start exploring and evaluating the Lightning Experience to plan to rollout over the next year (or beyond).

What’s not supported yet?

  • No Campaign & Campaign Member data

    This is critical for anyone using Soapbox Engage or Soapbox Mailer. If you access your Salesforce database from a user account running the Lighting Experience, you will not be able to view your Campaigns or Campaign Member histories. To view this information, you would need to switch back to Salesforce Classic. This functionality is on the roadmap for the Spring ’16 release, so it’s not far around the corner, but it’s not there yet.
  • No ability to “Find/Merge Duplicates” or “Add to Campaign” for Leads

    Again, if you are using Soapbox Engage in particular, you will likely not want to switch to the Lightning Experience until these are supported (or at least not switch your user accounts that need to access these functions).
  • No inline editing

    If you are using inline editing a lot (where you double-click a field to make quick edits instead of needing to click the “Edit” button to edit the whole record), you may want to hold off on migrating to the Lightning Experience since this functionality does not yet exist.
  • No custom buttons

    If you have custom buttons setup (such as the “Send” button included with Soapbox Mailer or the “Attendee” list button setup for Soapbox Events), these will not appear in the Lightning Experience. Want to get involved in the discussion of how this might be addressed in the future? Join the conversation here.
  • No support for person accounts
  • No record merging
  • No mass email

There are some other things too. For the full list, check out this Trailhead module called “Is the Lightning Experience Right for Me?“.

So what does this mean for your organization?

The Lightning Experience is undergoing rapid development, so many of the current limitations will addressed and covered in the next few releases. We highly encourage Salesforce administrators to begin learning about the new functionality and exploring in a sandbox environment so you can be well-educated in creating a plan for if, when and how you will want to start rolling this out to your users. It’s up to you as your organization’s Salesforce pro to make an informed decision about when your organization may be “Lightning Ready”.

For more information check out these awesome Trailhead modules:

And if you have feedback on successes and challenges, we’d love to hear about it! Please share with us and the community through the Power of Us Hub so we can help each other along this journey.


Soapbox Engage Petitions app is the first advocacy tool ready for the new NGO Connect

Soapbox Petitions for NGO ConnectWe’re excited to announce that the Soapbox Engage Petitions app is the first advocacy service ready for the newly announced NGO Connect platform from the Salesforce Foundation.  With the Soapbox Engage Petitions app, organizations like the Global Fund for Women have created engaging and compelling online advocacy actions, growing their supporter and donor base without needing to invest in more IT.

Now with the NGO Connect platform, organizations can use enterprise-grade CRM services in conjunction with Soapbox Engage Petitions app to jumpstart their online advocacy campaigns and save time and money.

“We’re extremely excited to bring the next generation of online advocacy to enterprise organizations using NGO Connect,” said Ryan Ozimek, CEO of PICnet.  ”For too long, large organizations needed to use outdated advocacy tools that created data silos.  Today, with the Soapbox Engage Petitions app and NGO Connect, organizations will no longer have to make a decision between best of breed advocacy tools or best of breed CRM services.  They can have both at the same time!” Read more »


Flexible API limits in Salesforce Winter ’14 release great news for nonprofits

Salesforce Winter '14 releaseTucked into the Winter ’14 Platform Release from is a little gem that nonprofits, and Soapbox users in particular, can get excited about: the addition of flexible API limits. Read more »


Getting started using Salesforce for advocacy campaigns

Inauguration 2013With this week’s second inauguration of President Obama, and the announcement of the new Organizing for Action nonprofit, the world has seen first-hand that the future of advocacy is data, data, and data.  As the President begins his second term, we’re likely to see the debate over important social issues of our time become even more competitive than before.  Now is the time for organizations to gear up for the next wave of advocacy.

Earlier today, we covered how the Obama campaign successfully utilized it’s strong database tools to run important A/B communication testing to determine message effectiveness.  While it’s going to be rare for an advocacy group to have the war chest of funds that the presidential campaigns had this year, there’s a powerful database tool that we believe is about to see a significant uptick in the advocacy world in 2013:

The question:  how can your advocacy group get started using Salesforce, and even the open source Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP), to build a successful campaign database and platform?

Here’s three ideas you can implement right away to start using Salesforce for your advocacy work.

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How to easily contribute to the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack

Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack LogoIf you’re one of the thousands of organizations using the Salesforce Foundation’s open source Nonprofit Starter Pack, you have a good understanding of the great features and power that comes under the hood.  It’s one of the world’s best fundraising apps sitting atop one of the best cloud platforms, and it’s improving every day.

For some of you, open source software might be a new and somewhat mysterious concept.  Luckily, there’s a not-so-well-kept secret to  but the immense power of it is what enables so many fabulous organizations to use the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP):  you have the power to contribute to it and make it better.  The question is, how?

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Free introduction to Salesforce for nonprofits in Washington DC – Jan 30, 2013

PICnetters and Salesforce SaaSy

Ever wondered how the more than 10,000 organizations across the US are using Salesforce to improve their fundraising, membership, and advocacy results? Interested in seeing first-hand some of the powerful data metrics you can measure right from your smartphone or tablet? Have you already received donated Salesforce licenses but not sure what to do with them?

It’s time to get your Salesforce learn on.

On January 30, 2013, at 9am ET, we’ll be providing a FREE guided tour of Salesforce for non-profits, associations, foundations, and advocacy groups. As official Salesforce Foundation partners, our team will walk you through the features included in Salesforce and the Non-Profit Starter Pack: a customization of Salesforce specifically made for non-profits.

This is an in-person introduction at our Washington DC offices, so come for the Salesforce, stay for the coffee.

You’ll leave the session with three key take-aways to report back to your team:

  1. Easy ways to get started using Salesforce for fundraising
  2. Fast metrics success using interactive reports and dashboards
  3. Simple steps to obtain your own free donation licenses for Salesforce

This session is open to everyone, but you’ll need to act fast as space is limited! Please limit two individuals per organization.

Register now at

See you there!


Salesforce debug log is your troubleshooting friend

Salesforce Debug LogsYou’re just getting used to a slick new Salesforce app that a developer built for your organization, and its only smooth sailing ahead.  Right?  Until, one day, something doesn’t work right.  A record isn’t updating properly.  A VisualForce page doesn’t load correctly.  Whatever it is, you don’t have a clue what’s causing it, and you’re not seeing any error messages popping up on the screen.

That’s when the Salesforce debug log comes to the rescue.  Here’s a little guide to understanding what the Salesforce debug log does, and how even an accidental techie can quickly make it your Salesforce troubleshooting friend.

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Salesforce fundraising tools top talk at Quarterly Connect

PICnet Quarterly Connect Q1 2013Each quarter, PICnetters from across the country fly in to our Washington DC headquarters for a one day all-hands meeting to discuss the success of the previous quarter and plan for the quarter ahead.  Since today’s Quarterly Connect was our first of the year, it doubles as our annual planning event of the year, giving me an opportunity to share a vision for the company moving forward through the year.

We discussed the unique opportunity our team has in today’s environment to take some important steps forward on new products that we’ve planned for many years.  We’ve agreed that our Soapbox Engage service’s integration with Salesforce, and the tools we’ve created to help organizations fundraise more effectively online, are key to our clients’ success in 2013.  Based on these building blocks, we’re excited to work with our clients, partners, and friends to continue expanding our services for the sector.

This plan dovetails nicely with our existing commitment to further evangelize about the Salesforce Foundation’s Nonprofit Starter Pack, a service that enables organizations to utilize the Salesforce service more appropriately for charitable organizations.  All of our new products planned for 2013 will have deep integrations with the Salesforce service, benefitting the more than 10,000 organizations currently using Salesforce.

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