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4 methods of measuring your SEO for your nonprofit

Is your SEO up to snuff?How does your SEO measure up?

Raising awareness for your cause can be a tricky business. You may have clipboard people on the streets and special ad placements in print and web publications, among other things. What about search, though? There are a lot of people thinking about your organization's mission, either directly or indirectly. These people could become donors, volunteers or supporters very easily. As a result, you should be looking at ways to improve your search engine optimization, or how you're seen and discovered on search engines. By doing that, you'll get more people to look into the projects your nonprofit is working on.

But how do you measure your SEO? Being a nonprofit is quite different from being a media page. You don't have people placing ads on your site, and you're not necessarily looking for page clicks. So here are some tips to get you going in the right direction, using basic analytics tools:

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Two easy tips for link building to improve SEO

You have probably heard the phrase “content is king” when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for your website. While I would never denounce this self-evident truth in the SEO world, great content means less without links.

Links to your content are signs of trust to search engines. They tell Google, Bing, and others that your content is authoritative and worthy, especially when its other sites with strong reputations that link back to your website. These types of links are appropriately called “linkbacks”.

They are evidence to search engines that sites are shouting about what you’ve published and that others should take notice.


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What is SEO and what does it mean for your nonprofit?

Let me “start with the why”, as Simon Sinek proposes in his famous TED talk:

Why should you care about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Put simply, SEO can bring more visitors to your site. For nonprofits, more website visitors can mean more volunteer or member signups, more donations, and more evangelists for your organization and your cause.

Search Engines Love Content by Go Local

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sounds intimidating and complicated, but when you boil it down, it is much easier to digest. SEO consists of the steps you take to make your website more relevant in search results for specific terms or keywords. You may also hear this described as “ranking” higher in search engine (i.e Google or Bing) results. For a more detailed explanation of SEO, check out this brilliant blog post that relates SEO to graffiti.

When you perform a search on the web, regardless of your preferred search engine, an algorithm of that search engine spits out results based on the words, or “keywords,” that you typed. These search engine algorithms are constantly changing and evolving, but the factors that decided the ranking of the results tend to be fairly constant (i.e. keywords, page titles, credible links to and from the page, etc.).

The good news is that by making small, incremental changes to your website and the way that you develop content for your site, you can improve your website’s rankings in search results for specific keywords. And again, that means more people visiting your site, which will hopefully result in more volunteers, members, donations, and evangelists for your nonprofit.

Stay tuned for more blog posts on SEO tactics to improve your site’s search rankings… for free. In the mean time, check out these free guides to get you started:

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Increase your website readership with rich snippets for Google search results

Google LogoI’ve often found my self saying the words, “technology is not a panacea”, whenever I hear organizations looking to focus what I think are excessive energy on search engine optimization.  My thoughts have been that spending that time and money on writing great content, rather than trying to manipulate search engine rankings.

But what if a simple technology switch could more effectively highlight your organization’s website content in search engine results, and thereby make it more likely that visitors would click on your links rather than others? And what if the solution was easy and affordable?

I figure you’d probably try it.

So, what’s this differentiator you can implement immediately for your website?  It’s called Rich Snippets.

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