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Snowmageddon of interest in our crowdsourcing site

It seems we’ve caught lighting in a bottle here at PICnet. During the course of the past two days, we’ve been honored to have our Web site covered in a diverse and wide array of media outlets. We’re hoping that this outreach will help the DC residents learn about this site and extend a helping hand to their neighbors.

Here’s a few of our favorite hits thus far.

Snowmageddon Site Crowdsources Blizzard Cleanup


The Washington Post partners with PICnet on Snowmageddon Web site

After our launch of the Snowmageddon Clean Up Web site on late Tuesday night, we’ve been picking up a lot of great reaction from the community.  Our biggest hit so far:  the Washington Post has partnered with PICnet to heavily extend the exposure of our efforts.

Check out our site embedded on the Washington Post!

Snowmageddon Cleanup Header

Wow.  Thursday was a whirlwind.  We worked closely with the Washington Post’s digital media team to make editorial and graphical changes to the site in order to prep for the wave of traffic from their online circulation.  Additionally, the great logo that Christopher Doorley made for the site needed to have a little update: announcing the partnership between the Washington Post and PICnet.  Thanks to Ross Nover for his stellar design skills to help update the site’s header and additional illustrations.

It’s been wonderful working alongside the Washington Post team to help spread the word far and wide.  We’re excited to see the continued efforts of the Greater DC community to help each other out of this snow mess.


PICnet builds crowdsourcing site to help DC dig out of Snowmageddon

What started out as a test site for an open source software package I was playing around with at PICnet has now become a rallying point for DC residents to help each other dig out of Snowmageddon 2010.  Call it the crowdsourcing of shovels.

Snowmageddon Clean-Up

Since the site, was flipped live on Tuesday night, more than 7,000 visitors have come to learn how they can lend a hand in the DC clean up process. Now, with a Facebook fan page and the 72 Hour Snowmageddon Clean Up Challenge, the site has begun to pick up a lot of traction.

The site’s goal is simple: connect those in need with those that have resources.  Got a car that needs to be dug out?  Post it. Got a pair of strong arms that needs a workout after three days of sitting on the couch (most of DC was closed)?  Post it.

Powered by Ushahidi, we’re excited to see how this site, launched with two hours of work, can be used as a model for other emergency or crisis situations that can be utilized by government agencies and NGOs.

While we don’t have enough hands at PICnet DC to clean up the city ourselves, a little bit of crowdsourcing, applied in the right way, just might help us dig out of this mess faster…because snow is only fun when it doesn’t get in the way of trying to get food.