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Soapbox Mailer radically expands mass email merge fields for more powerful Salesforce integration

With its latest release this weekend, Soapbox Mailer takes mass email integration with to a whole new level, allowing you to merge data from any standard or custom field on any of the following objects: Read more »


Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce now 30% faster sending mass emails

Soapbox Mailer, our Salesforce-native mass email app built for your budget, just got much faster in delivering messages.

Soapbox Mailer 30% faster

Thanks to features included in the Salesforce Summer ’13 release, we’ve optimized Soapbox Mailer to produce benchmark testing showing 30% faster email delivery. Read more »


“More than a website”: Non-Profit Soapbox, Salesforce and Soapbox Mailer provide powerful platform

Not every organization looking to roll out a brand new web presence has the advantage Holy Trinity Church of Georgetown Pike (HTC) enjoyed: a volunteer leading the project who has been founder and CEO of several DC area technology startups.

Phillip Merrick knew the possibilities of a robust and integrated online presence and its importance to a startup, whether that be a business or a church:

“As a newly formed church preparing to launch our ministries and outreach, we needed more than just a website. We needed a platform to support a digital footprint spanning social media, web video and traditional email marketing, together with an integrated database on the back-end.”

Read more »


Four reasons to track both client and donor data in Salesforce

One emerging approach we’ve witnessed in the nonprofit space is the manner of Salesforce adoption within organizations. Many organizations are taking a segmented approach to adoption with one department electing to use it and others not. Often the split falls between program and fundraising teams.

There are obvious reasons for this. Legacy systems are involved that vary from department to department. The reasons inspiring adoption by one team will not necessarily apply to the other. Change is difficult for one department let alone an entire organization. And Salesforce adoption is often driven by a key champion within the organization affecting a single department first rather than the entire organization.

Data silos
Photo: dsearls on Flickr

While the reasons for segmented adoption are clear, here are four compelling reasons why organizations would do well to push further to more comprehensive adoption and break out of their data silos: Read more »


Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce: Growing and global

Our little Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce kiddo is growing like a weed! Not yet two months old from its launch at Dreamforce 2012, the little tyke has shown dynamic global growth in downloads from the AppExchange, having been installed by folks in more than ten countries across four continents.

Not too shabby for a not-yet-two-month-old!

Salesforce AppExchangeWe can’t say we’re too surprised, proud parents that we are. Our little one had a leg up on the other kids, even those much older than him. Salesforce-native. Affordable. Snazzy social sharing tools. Real-time metrics. The kid’s got good DNA, we tell ya!

Interested in what this little prodigy can do for your non-profit or business?! Read the whole run down and then jump on over to the AppExchange to download it and get started with a free trial.


Quantify social sharing in Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce with Amp

There’s a lot of blah blah blah these days about social media this and that. We get it. It’s cool. We’re down with the Twitters and the Facebookery.

But what does it all really add up to? If you share something, how to know if it means squat? Read more »


Release of Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce at Dreamforce

A banner image for a banner day:

Soapbox Mailer release announcement Stop by our booth at the Foundation Zone in Moscone West, 3rd floor to get the details – or signup to receive the news at, if you’re not able to attend Dreamforce.


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