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Soapbox Mailer now bouncing with Amazon’s new notification service

A few days ago, Jeff Barr in the Amazon Web Services team made an announcement that made us giddy: Simple Email Services (SES) now has a built-in bounce notification service. This seemingly boring announcement gives our Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce service terrific new powers, enabling us to provide you the first and only native email marketing app that utilizes SES and this great bounce management functionality.

Soapbox Mailer bounce handling example

Soapbox Mailer bounce handling example

With a little architecture brainstorming provided by Rohan Deshpande on the Amazon SES team, and with the flexibility of the platform, we were quickly able to implement real-time notifications directly into Soapbox Mailer. This new feature provides our organizations the ability to get critical data to better understand their lists’ effectiveness, and enables them to clean and purge their lists as needed.

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