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Soapbox Mailer submitted for Salesforce security review

Tonight, we handed over our Soapbox Mailer baby to the good doctors at Salesforce to make sure it’s ready to stretch its legs and walk about our non-profit world.

After six months of development, we’ve achieved an important milestone:  we submitted the app to Salesforce for their security review process.  This phase is the final stretch before we’re able to share our breakthrough email marketing application to our non-profit community.  With tonight’s milestone, we’re feeling good about our estimated October 2012 release of Soapbox Mailer.

While we still have quite a bit of road ahead, we’re extremely grateful to our Soapbox Mailer Pioneers for their insight, ideas, and feedback.  They’re helping ensure we’re meeting our mission in providing affordable, efficiency-gaining software for our non-profit sector, and we’re super grateful for their support!

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Soapbox Mailer trailblazing has begun

Blazing new trailsJust a few minutes ago, a small group of non-profit pioneers received the call from the head of the wagon train to blaze the trail towards the first release of our new Soapbox Mailer product.

During the next few weeks, these pioneers will work closely with our team to continue knocking out bugs and polishing final features for the premiere release of our email marketing service for organizations using Salesforce.

Interested in learning how your organization can save more than 90% in email marketing costs (sorry Vertical Response), and pay as little as $0.10 per 1,000 emails you send?  Want to sign up to be part of the next batch of Soapbox Mailer pioneers?  Just mosey over to our Soapbox Engage website to learn more about what we’ve got cooking on the skillet.