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Reason #7 to Attend the Soapbox User Summit

With web technology raging full speed ahead and fundraising needs only growing, now is the time to maximize the value of your website to the fullest. The Soapbox User Summit on Thursday, April 19, 2012 in DC will be jam-packed with the tools and knowledge you need to take your website to the next level.

If you’re wondering what you stand to get out of this event, or if your boss needs convincing, we’ve put a list together of the top 7 reasons why you can’t afford to miss this phenomenal event. Read more »


Julie Does Joomla!

Last week, I attended a beginner Joomla! training. As someone who doesn’t deal with Joomla! or Soapbox or much of the other projects that my colleagues do on a daily basis, this was a new experience for me.

I learned how to add articles online, connect websites (such as Google and YouTube) to the training website using Joomla’s wrapper feature, and was even able to start the design of my own site online!

I may not be a Joomla! wizard just yet, but I thought it was a great introduction to some of the cool stuff our PICnet team works on, and the information is invaluable to me better understanding Joomla and Soapbox.

Thanks to PICnet and the NOVA JUG for making this happen!